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Trading Trump

The results of this week’s US election went widely unanticipated by polls and markets. Now that Trump is switching from candidate mode to presidential mode, many questions remain surrounding the composition of the Trump administration and what that could mean for policy with Republican control over the presidency and both houses of Congress over at least the next two years. 243 more words

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By: Melanie Cason, PhD, RN, CNE

Advances in technology, for example, simulation and virtual platforms, increase opportunities for interprofessional education (IPE). However, both academic and practice environments continue to struggle with implementation on a large scale. 641 more words


미국의 Ipe 제재목 수입은 강세를 유지

2016년 8월 미국의 일반활엽수재와 열대재 수입량은 10% 상승하여 95,532 m3  이었고, 열대재 제재목 수입은 전체 활엽수 수입량의 22%를 차지하면서 21,143 m3 이었습니다. 7월에는 열대재 수입량이 5% 감소하였고, 8월 열대재 수입 액수는 3% 성장하여 US$24.9 million 이었습니다. 28 more words


Customizing Your Degree

At Glendon, there are many ways to make your degree your own, whether it’s with an exchange, a double major, major minor, or certificates. But what about within your program? 932 more words


Weak Sterling and Economic Growth

Recent figures appear give the UK fairly healthy GDP growth projections for this year relative to other OECD members. While this has been interpreted by Brexit apologists as a sign of prosperity to come, such an interpretation is gravely mistaken. 1,004 more words

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Rapid Increase of Diabetes Strains Middle East’s Health Agencies -New York Times

With all of the violence and ideological strife, issues of health and poverty are often overlooked in the Middle East. They may seem mundane in comparison, but they are no less important. 146 more words