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ip&e features on BBC One Sunday Politics as Shropshire Council fails to show

Shropshire Council’s private company ip&e featured on Sunday Politics this morning. The company was set up three years ago as a way of cutting costs and making money for the council. 195 more words

Shropshire Council

Greece votes no. Is this the end for the Eurozone? -Washington Post

An interesting look at the Greek financial crisis as part of a larger systemic problem in the management of the EU eurozone, one that will not get fixed even if a solution to the Greek situation is found. 143 more words

Freedom of information and ip&e – FoI is not ‘bizarre’ as council leader claims

Shropshire Council is busy transferring many of its staff and services to its wholly owned company, ip&e. This company still must respond to freedom of information requests, in almost the same way that Shropshire Council does even if those requests are ‘bizarre’ in the eyes of council leader Keith Barrow. 984 more words

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Greek Capital Controls -Various

Here is an overview of the Greek situation, covering the decision to impose capital controls, some background on how capital controls work, and some of the potential outcomes of the crisis. 517 more words

The Economist Explains: Why China is creating a new "World Bank" for Asia -The Economist

“…the AIIB has stoked controversy because Asia already has a multilateral lender, the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Why is China creating a new development bank for Asia? 433 more words

Teckal iceberg could sink Shropshire Council’s private company ip&e

There are two arguments that Keith Barrow, leader of Shropshire Council puts forward to justify transferring ever more public services to ip&e, the council’s private company. 1,549 more words

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All About Hardwood Decking

Ipe is the gold standard, but plenty of other species stack up quite nicely on looks and longevity, often at a lower price