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Adoro Belo Horizonte. Um simples passeio se vira na possibilidade de encarar uma beleza que, as vezes, tira o meu folego.

Hoje, eu e o meu marido fomos para o Circuito Cultural de Praça da Liberdade, para ver a exposição sobre o Mondrian. 19 more words


Post-Brexit Trade

The French president, Francois Hollande, has reiterated what I expect to be a standard line among EU leaders: no common market without free movement, which stands in stark contrast with the Leave campaign’s pipe dream of full common-market access and no movement. 696 more words

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Become an NLN Sim Leader

Leadership Development for Simulation
A Program of the NLN Leadership Institute

During this year-long program, participants examine issues related to research in simulation, curricular integration, the role of simulation in interprofessional education, and managing and directing simulation activities within a school of nursing or a service setting. 62 more words

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Brexit, two weeks out

As expected, the last two weeks following the UK’s EU referendum have been marked by significant political and economic volatility. Both major English political parties are in a state of upheaval: within Labour, Jeremy Corbyn dramatically lost a vote of confidence, yet refuses to resign (it recently appeared that he would retain popular support in a leadership election, although it is impossible to say how the recent swell in Labour membership registration would impact this; Corbyn assumes it will add to his support); among the Conservatives, Theresa May now appears to be the front runner for David Cameron’s replacement, after enough in-fighting among the Leave campaign’s leaders to make British politics appear to be a modern-day recreation of Game of Thrones. 608 more words

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¿Qué esta pasando con los pensionados en Veracruz?

Siempre lo he dicho, cuando un conflicto llega a hacerse mediático a nivel nacional cuesta trabajo entender como comenzó y el origen de todo, más aún cuando no eres del Estado afectado. 635 more words


What Brexit could mean for the U.K. economy -Globe and Mail

Wise old saying: “Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it.”

Perhaps someone should have reminded the British of this before they voted, or even began the referendum process. 713 more words

Quick Thoughts on Brexit

My colleague Alan Renwick has a nice post covering the legal logistics surrounding Brexit. What about the economic implications?

The domestic economic implications of Brexit began to play out while votes were still being tallied, as the British pound dropped rapidly in a depreciation reminiscent of Black Friday, eventually settling at a level not seen in three decades. 609 more words

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