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Random Start: Melvins - "Dry Drunk"

Here’s how much I like the Melvins: I was offered a free ticket to go see them on a weekend night on which I had no other plans at a venue I could walk to and I chose to stay home and watch TV instead and I don’t regret it one bit.

Random Start

Croup and ipecac in Anne of Green Gables

My daughter has listened to me talk about medicine all her life. And she comes up with brilliant questions.

“Mom, if the three year old in Anne of Green Gables had croup, why did she get better when Anne treated her with ipecac?” 1,571 more words



When I started Heavy and Weird my aim was to essentially just get more involved with the local music scene I loved so much. I never had any goals to go larger or be of any significance to those around me. 956 more words

Heavy And Weird

INITIAL DESCENT: May 26's New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Initial Descent! And unfortunately, it’s yet another weird week for us. Call it a post-MDF lull, or call it yet another streaming service letdown, but this week’s just a bit lacking in the new release department. 199 more words

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Gatunek: Rock

Aż 18 lat musieli czekać fani legendarnego zespołu na nowy album.
Ciężka do zaklasyfikowania muzyka.
Niezwykle urozmaicone kompozycje. Od spokojnych ballad po elementy hardcore. 108 more words


Album Review: Faith No More - "Sol Invictus"

Over their initial, 17-year run, Faith No More established themselves as one of the scene’s most adept genre-blenders. The band dabbled in everything from funk (“We Care a Lot”) to thrash (“Surprise! 410 more words


Initial Descent: May 19's New Releases in Brief

So this edition of Initial Descent’s gonna be a bit of a different ballgame than you’ve gotten used to. For one, it’s not called “Just the Tip” anymore. 206 more words

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