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When I started Heavy and Weird my aim was to essentially just get more involved with the local music scene I loved so much. I never had any goals to go larger or be of any significance to those around me. 956 more words

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INITIAL DESCENT: May 26's New Releases in Brief

It’s new release Tuesday—time for another edition of Initial Descent! And unfortunately, it’s yet another weird week for us. Call it a post-MDF lull, or call it yet another streaming service letdown, but this week’s just a bit lacking in the new release department. 199 more words

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Aż 18 lat musieli czekać fani legendarnego zespołu na nowy album.
Ciężka do zaklasyfikowania muzyka.
Niezwykle urozmaicone kompozycje. Od spokojnych ballad po elementy hardcore. 108 more words


Album Review: Faith No More - "Sol Invictus"

Over their initial, 17-year run, Faith No More established themselves as one of the scene’s most adept genre-blenders. The band dabbled in everything from funk (“We Care a Lot”) to thrash (“Surprise! 410 more words

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Initial Descent: May 19's New Releases in Brief

So this edition of Initial Descent’s gonna be a bit of a different ballgame than you’ve gotten used to. For one, it’s not called “Just the Tip” anymore. 206 more words

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Guano Padano; Americana

I don’t really know how to classify Guano Padano’s Americana, but this is usually a good thing. There are so many factors here, so many reasons I can give to urge you to take notice of this record, but none of those really matter once you’ve heard the music. 360 more words

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When I Used To Live In The Land Of Plenty

It wasn’t always easy to sneak upstairs. I knew everybody’s footsteps from being a basement dweller for 4 years by then, I just had to wait for someone to go disappear so I could make my move. 453 more words

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