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ALBUM REVIEW: Crystal Fairy S/T


Billed as a “new band” rather than a “super-group,” Crystal Fairy features Buzz (guitar) and Dale (drums) of the Melvins, At the Drive In/Mars Volta’s Omar Rodriguez-Lopez (bass), and Le Butcherette’s front-woman Teri Gender Bender (vocals, guitars, keyboards). 354 more words


Toxicology Fact or Fiction: Inducing Vomiting

For years, it was common practice to induce vomiting (make someone throw up) when poisoning was suspected. Syrup of ipecac was a common medication to be found in refrigerators around the country. 423 more words

Poison Prevention

Mike Patton: The Solitude Of Prime Numbers

This sounds like the score of a movie done by Mike Patton. That’s because it is. You’ve seen movies. You’ve listened to Mike Patton. This is the combination of the two. 435 more words


I is for Ipecac

In commenting on Monika’s blog on the use of ipecac in Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy, I had quite a bit more to say than I realized. 582 more words

Child Abuse

Eagles Of Death Metal: Heart On

I didn’t want to review this album. I didn’t like their first two albums, so I wasn’t very excited about there third. But then Ipecac went and released the vinyl version and I felt obliged. 615 more words