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Road to Raw Nationals 8/22/16

Back again!!! Sorry for the lack of content in the past week, I have been super busy with school etc. :((((((( but I am back and I promise consistent content is coming! 305 more words


Transcend Your Own Limits and Achieve Those Goals

Once term-time at University had come to an end in July for the Summer, I decided it was time to bring back into my daily routine, activities that – with time – slowly but unintentionally faded away. 314 more words


Learning from the best: Mike Tuchscherer

In my opinion hands down the best powerlifter of all time is Mike Tuchscherer. Now I know what you’re thinking: what about the great Ed Coan or the dominant Eric Lilliebridge Jr. 905 more words


Share My Blog

Hello everyone,

The reason I created this blog was not just for powerlifting and to show you what it’s like, but also I wanted to show you how it changed me as a person and made me stronger both physically and mentally. 223 more words


Fitting In

You might just ask yourself, “How does my blog fit in with all other blogs similar to mine?”, or something along those lines. The answer to that is passion. 194 more words

About Me

Powerpuff Me

Ok, I’m not going to lie, I actually really enjoyed this assignment. This brought me to extreme nostalgia since I have watched Powerpuff Girls on Cartoon Network as a kid. 208 more words


Quick tip: ask Siri your percentages

If you’re on a program that uses percentages just ask Siri before you whip out that calculator… Or your calculator app hah