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A Red Flag Day.

Today, the red flag is up at the beach.

Red, apparently, signifies “High Surf and/or Strong Currents. HIGH HAZARD.” In other words, don’t swim too far out, and if you try, may God have mercy on your stupid soul. 2,102 more words


Finland part 3 (the part where things got picked up)

Of course, the whole purpose of the trip was to lift things. I’ve put off writing this portion because it has taken me time to digest what happened, how it feels, and what comes next. 503 more words




Despite the influences a person can encounter from parents and major authority figures while growing up, Francesca Spizzo shapes who she is based on her own moral compass. 401 more words

Storytime Safari Camp gets children out in nature



For the JG-TC

MATTOON — The forest smells of recently fallen rain as children of the Storytime Safari Camp stomp through the muddy trails of the Douglas-Hart Nature Center on Wednesday. 465 more words

Potter molds his future from a young age



His fingernails and orange shirt caked in grey clay, Tony Treadway laughs at the day he told his mother, a math teacher, he wanted to pursue art. 413 more words

Single vs Bilateral Lung Transplant in IPF and COPD

The use of double-lung transplants has been controversial because, of course, transplanting both lungs when it is not needed wastes a scarce resource. Historically, however, much of the literature has suggested that double-lung transplant outcomes are better, particularly in patients with IPF and COPD, perhaps because of underlying bronchiectasis or the improved functional reserve that comes with two lungs vs one. 677 more words


Inman Park Festival (April 24-26, 2015)

Location:  Inman Park Neighborhood
Atlanta, GA


Tour of Homes – Friday, Noon- 4:00 PM
Tour of Homes – Saturday & Sunday, Noon- 6:00 PM… 136 more words