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As numbers grow, how to we accommodate everyone's ability to improve?

Subtitle: I may be a pickleball right winger.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this post are my own and might not reflect the views of others. 918 more words


IPF JOURNEY 02-14-2017 [Happy Valentines Day, and don't forget to take your meds]

It was a good week all in all. Last week that is. I was off the Ofev (150 Mg) and after three days the diarrhea was gone. 812 more words

Breathing Disorder

IPF JOURNEY 02-11-2017 [relief]

I have a little confession to make.

When I was first diagnosed with IPF, I got this sense of relief. It was relief of my earthly obligations. 548 more words

Breathing Disorder

We're snowed in up here

So you might as well watch a bunch of Worlds Strongest Man. This dudes channel has all of these

February: Halfway to Spring

This is a post I’ve been thinking about writing all week, I even got so close to as sitting down with an empty draft on the laptop last night but when it came to it, there were no words. 734 more words



Ive been less active on here lately because I have a lot of things I’m trying to get in order when I’m not in the gym. 30 more words

Why Pulmonary Rehab?

Pulmonary Fibrosis is a disease caused by scarring in the lungs. The tissue inside and between the air sacs becomes thick, stiff and scarred. As the lung tissue becomes scarred, oxygen cannot pass through to the red blood cell, which carries oxygen. 734 more words