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The Hard Truths (An Update)

So it’s been a while. I’ve wanted to write but every time I’ve come across a blank page, my mind just seems to clear and all the mess tangled in becomes hard to comprehend. 913 more words


Rules question - what if the ball hits the net post?

I was recently asked this question.  “If a ball hits one of the net posts, and then bounces in, is it legal?”  The answer is, NO. 409 more words


Camera Club Memberships

I am a member of a Camera Club, and I am thrilled that I joined one, as my photographic knowledge has improved dramatically, due to the proximity of people with the same interest in photography. 227 more words


IPF JOURNEY 04-13-2017 [I just don't feel sick enough (yet)]

When I was diagnosed with IPF around August 2016, I of course immediately Googled around and looked at worst-case-scenarios and soon after was ready to order an urn for my ashes that very week. 469 more words


International Personal Finance - A Value Investing Opportunity

International Personal Finance PLC is a provider of home and digital credit to millions of customers, both in Europe and South America. With a market cap of £375 million, trading on an extremely low P/E of 5.46,  there is obvious appeal. 235 more words

Rules Question - double hits/carries

My friend Renee from Sylvania Pickleball Club called to ask a question relating to a situation that came up the other day.  Renee is retired and an avid golfer who started to play pickleball last summer.  351 more words


TADF paper featured in Advanced Science News

Our recent paper together with our colleagues at the Leibniz Institute of Polymer Research Dresden (IPF), is featured in Advanced Science News. This work discusses a novel way to achieve thermally activated delayed fluorescence in polymers through an extension of the HOMO conjugation, which ultimately leads to a smaller splitting between singlet and triplet excited charge transfer states. 19 more words