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Faculty-Student Mentoring Program

IPFW Nursing Faculty as a whole possess hundreds of years of nursing experience. We hope to leave a legacy– imparting not only knowledge about coursework and academic progression, also about our practice specialization. 185 more words


Life...from a Bird's-eye view

I’ve been to church camp twice now in my life. Once as a very mature 8th grader amongst a sea of much younger 7th graders (J/K I am 8 years old) and once as a grown man who probably acted like an 8th grader. 991 more words

Fort Wayne

Looking Back, Looking Forward

It’s been longer than a week since I said I’d post again in a week, but who am I to break procrastinatory precedent? I’m well settled in Paris, now, and have been at my internship since Tuesday. 708 more words


Deciding Between a Nurse Practitioner Program and a Physician Assistant Program

Because the health care industry is expected to grow by nearly a fifth over the next few years, medical training is a shrewd investment in your future. 524 more words


Les examens finals, les choses à faire, and "Failing by Default"

Okay, so: finals are finals. I don’t care if you go to some vocational school for underwater basketweaving in the Caribbean, final exams are stressful and generally considered to be the last spirit-breaking gauntlet that stands between any student and the freedom of either summer or winter break. 1,968 more words


North and South

Yes, I’m stealing the title of the Elizabeth Gaskell novel. No, this post has nothing to do with the John Jakes trilogy.

Before this past week, I had only ever really spent time in the south of England. 888 more words


Focus on IPFW Nursing Alumni – Camp PossAbility

Lauren Harmison is a 2009 graduate from the Associate of Science with a major in Nursing at IPFW. In 2014, Lauren started Camp PossAbility.

What is Camp PossAbility and what made you decide to start the camp? 362 more words