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IPFW Mastodon

This is another decorated Mastodon that was part of the 2005 Public Art Initiative where the “blanks” of the Mastodon, which is the mascot of local IPFW University where purchased by local businesses and artist and decorated or commissioned to be decorated.   90 more words

Fort Wayne

June 15th, 2017

It’s almost midnight, I’m not packed, I leave in 24 hours…..and I’m crying.

Honestly, where has the time gone? I remember finishing packing for this trip, going over the important documents I needed in my carry on, downloading all the pictures on my phone so I had enough room for memories of Ecuador and staying up until about 2am the night before my flight to Ecuador. 342 more words

Pre-Departure Bureaucracy

In essence, to study abroad at IPFW, after you have picked your program and all (which you should have worked out with the study abroad adviser, Meg Underwood) and applied or are halfway through them, you have six major concerns. 1,574 more words


Sorry, Mom.

Today I wrote a lot of thank you notes. Thank you’s for the teacher I’ve been with the past 8 weeks; thank you’s to the people who have invited me on field trips; thank you’s to the lunch room staff for feeding me almost every day; thank you’s to the other English teachers for allowing me to visit with their classrooms; thank you’s to anyone who has given me a gift while I’ve been here; thank you’s to my family for being so generous, caring, welcoming and awesome; thank you’s to the cheerleading coach for allowing me to help him; thank you’s to the Director and Vice-Director of the school for allowing me this opportunity; and thank you’s to anyone else I felt like made my time in Ecuador as unbelievable as it was. 649 more words


It’s gonna, gonna, gonna, gonnnnnaaaaa….it’s gonna be MAY!…I mean June – what?

Wait, where did May go? Seriously not sure how it flew by so fast. 809 more words

Coconut Ice Cream

Tonight at dinner (the really yummy Chinese place), my host mom, dad and I were trying to plan a day for a little fiesta before I leave….and it took everything I had not to cry. 1,113 more words

I should buy more shampoo

The other night in the shower I thought, “I should buy more shampoo – I only have half left.” The next realization (because we all know the best thoughts happen during the shower) 640 more words