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تاريخ آيفون : آيفون 4 (رابع آيفون)

عاد ستيف جوبز إلى مؤتمر المطورين في 7 يونيو 2010 بعدما غاب العام السابق بسبب المرض، وهذا بعد أشهر قليلة من الإعلان عن الآيباد. في البداية قام ستيف جوبز بالحديث عن مدى استحسان المستخدمين للجهاز الجديد آيباد والتطور الممتاز الملاحظ في متجر آب ستور، ثم انتقل إلى الحديث عن آيفون، فبعد تلخيص وجيز لما …

تاريخ آيفون : آيفون 4 (رابع آيفون)

Nachdreh zu 3D2

Nachdem wir im letzten Jahr in Dänemark den zweiten Teil von “Die drei Punkte und …” nicht wirklich fertig gedreht haben, versuchen wir jetzt den Film über die zweite Erzählebene zu retten. 91 more words


Is the Boot Loop Issue on your iPhone agitating you?

Is your iPhone not getting past the logo screen, no matter how many times you restart your device? Are you are not quite sure as to what your next step should be, and a number of nerve-racking thoughts are rushing through your head: from…

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How to play Pokemon GO on an iPod 5 using an iPhone 4

OK, this isn’t quite animation related but its Pokemon so….

Today after seeing some gameplay of Pokemon GO for the first time I decided I wanted to play it and nothing would stop me! 324 more words

CFFC Update

I have been chosen as one of the Featured Bloggers for my photo in the Bridges topic of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge last week. It is an honor and I congratulate the other Featured Bloggers who can be found by  26 more words

Mobile Photography

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Bridges

The golden light of a late afternoon is stunning from the top of the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mobile Photography

She's walking back to me...

Visiting the past for a purpose: These images were captured in 2011 but only know I have found time or been inspired to work on the images.   154 more words