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Empty Nest

Sigh.  It was bound to happen sooner or later. I’m just now getting around to actually writing about it. As you know, Day 2 of my Nature Challenge [ 425 more words


Apple's iPhone Was Actually Invented 350 Years Ago, Jokes Tim Cook

If you ask anyone, he or she would say the iPhone was invented in 2007 by Apple. That is, except for Apple CEO Tim Cook. 352 more words


Apple Sued Over iPhones Making Calls and Sending Email

Apple has been hit by one of the more shocking patent lawsuits in recent memory.

A company that seemingly does nothing but license patents or, if necessary, sue other companies to get royalties, has taken aim at Apple . 493 more words


As the Smartphone Market Grows, the iPhone's Share Is Shrinking

The smartphone market has not been kind to Apple in the first quarter, according to new data from research firm Gartner.

Apple sold 51.6 million iPhones during the first quarter of the year, making the company the world’s second-largest smartphone maker and earning it 14.8% market share. 448 more words


4 Cara Terbaik untuk Beli Iphone dengan Harga Iphone 5 Terbaik

4 Cara Terbaik untuk Beli Iphone dengan Harga Iphone 5 Terbaik

Harga Iphone 5 sampai saat ini tetap stabil sekalipun di pasaran sudah tersedia seri iphone lainnya yang lebih baru. 371 more words


iPhone SE

Apple every year releases the next greatest and most advanced smartphone, but I’ve been waiting for the time when Apple stops and takes an old design and makes an amazing phone with old technology. 780 more words


Just How Popular Is the iPhone in China?

The number of iPhones currently in-use in China exceeds even those running in the U.S., according to a new report.

The China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC), a state-run agency that monitors the country’s Internet, reported recently that there were 780 million smartphones in-use in China at the end of 2015. 362 more words