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10 Tips For Creating The Perfect Dating App Profile (Men)

Mobile dating apps are becoming increasingly popular among the young, the attractive, and the serial killers. But creating a profile for a dating app that gets the right kind of attention can be tricky, especially if you’re a nerd or a loser. 335 more words

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Siri App Integration: New Opportunities for iOS App Developers

Talking to Siri is a faster as well as an easier way to complete the things. It is always there on your iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch and Mac for your help. 424 more words

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Best 3 Tips to write ‘A Good Mobile App Development Proposal’

In the sales process, Mobile app developers at some stage needed to write down their offering. But do you know why it is important so? It’s significant because it combines the technical and commercial aspects together of the… 555 more words

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Golf Training Aids & Accessories - Swing Profile

Are you looking for Golf Training Aids? swingprofile.com has a huge selection of golf clubs, golf training aids, and golf equipment.Are you looking for Golf Training Aids? 15 more words


Stop Losing Your Customers By Reserving The Future of An iPhone App

The boom of the mobile app kicked off when Apple launched its app store in July 2008. At that time it was easy to develop and launch the app and along with that attract the Users but as the days passed by each and every person was involved in developing an interactive iPhone App. 966 more words

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Things To Bear In Mind While Investing In A Mobile Application

As smartphones become an integral part of life today, every business is looking to join the app bandwagon. A mobile app opens a whole world of opportunities for businesses and takes it on the growth route. 193 more words

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Uber 發新聞稿 呼籲港人支持汽車共乘

Uber 昨日發表新聞稿,以Uber 香港區總經理呼籲港人支持汽車共乘,為題呼籲香港人支持Uber,並且鼓勵用家分享自己的故事,時至現今,已經有近7000名香港市民分享。


新聞稿以Uber 香港區總經理 佘雋知發表,以下為原文:


「選擇」- 對於乘客,大家可以享受創新科技帶來的便利,自由自在地穿梭香港;對 於司機夥伴,他們可以善用閒置的車輛及彈性的工作時間,賺取額外的收入。

可惜,警方於上星期拘捕了平台上二十二位司機夥伴,這會嚴重影響香港汽車共乘的未 來發展。我們需要你的支持,繼續服務香港。如果你與我們一樣,希望為香港的改變出 一分力,請支持 #IChooseUber,並於我們的網頁分享你選擇 Uber 的原因。

謝謝你對Uber 過去三年的支持,讓這裡的生活變得不一樣! Uber 香港區總經理 佘雋知

佘雋知:「#IChooseUber因爲我相信香港的交通服務需要與時並進,而三年以來我亦 一直爲此而奮鬥。」

文章下款加插連結,鼓勵香港人支持uber,時至現今,已經有近7000名香港市民分享,香港市民均使用簡單的句子表達自己對uber 的支持。

服務香港三年 受阻無數

uber 在香港服務已經三年,先後引起了不少的社會迴響,正反聲音都存在,支持聲音大概對現今的士業的「司機大佬」服務參次,與uber 司機的上等服務產生了強大的對比;反對聲音則來至的士業界影響佔多,對「白牌車」搶走了不少客源。

你也到這裡分享你對uber 故事