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Mexures Artist Feature | @cokejube

Good hello, everyone. Welcome to today’s Mextures artist feature! Today we’re going to get to know a little more about the very talented Instagram/Mextures artist @cokejube (Corinna).  957 more words


Mextures Artist Feature | @orbabgirl

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope you’ve all had a pleasant start to your week this week – I have, as I’ve been given the opportunity for a quick interview with the amazing @orbabgirl for today’s Mextures artist feature article. 1,984 more words


Go With It | Moo.

I posted recently about how I often feel invalid and misunderstood. I certainly know that I am judged by those who “think” they know me – as are we all… But, as I spent time on that same day in my backyard sanctuary, and then on a drive back from my sanctuary away from home, I gave it some more thought and I was reminded of why I am ok – why I am content with myself and the polarities of the darkness and light around and inside me, and the life I live…”A creator needs only one enthusiast to justify him.” 192 more words



Hi. Happy Saturday. As promised, here I am trying new things, as inspired by recent feature artists @mrsangryferret & @josephasbury from Instagram.
I enjoyed doing this shot and edit (although I didn’t save a formula and used Stackables app as much as Mextures on this one). 219 more words


Mextures Formulas #8

Today is a two-for, apparently! ((smile)) I’ve just done so much with Mextures since the summer and been so busy (or low) that I haven’t shared these. 102 more words



Meet me in the forest.

Listen to the stillness.

Swim inside my dreams.

All is well here –

in the quiet,

safe from harm.

Solitude is my blanket, 55 more words