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February 19 (Day 50 of 365)

Today, we are going to take a close look at Big Data. Well, the underside of a data cable anyway.

(Camera+, Snapseed, PictureShow, Photo Toaster, iWatermark)


February 18 (Day 49 of 365)

It’s snow problem to make tracks on days like today.

Camera+, Snapseed, PictureShow, iWatermark)


February 17 (Day 48 of 365)

Good to the last drop(s)!

(Camera+, Photogene2)


February 16 (Day 47 of 365)

Uh oh. My snowy car today makes it look like I’m working on cold fusion technology…

(ProCam 2, Snapseed, PS Express, iWatermark)


February 15 (Day 46 of 365)

A field of cleansers.  (What is the correct collective noun – a fragrance of air fresheners, perhaps?)

(Camera+, Snapseed, Pixlr, iWatermark)


February 14 (Day 45 of 365)

Okay, this is a snap. Just look deep into my eye and we’ll see what develops.

(Hipstamatic, Laminar, Jazz)


February 13 (Day 44 of 365)

Orange you glad it’s Friday?

(Camera+, Snapseed, HDR FX Pro, iWatermark)