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Citrix releases VDI-in-a-box Version 5.2 with support for SMS PASSCODE®

Citrix Systems has released the latest version 5.2 of their all-in-one VDI solution. The new release fully supports the latest hypervisors, Microsoft Lync, and Windows Server 2012 virtual desktops. 108 more words

New Citrix Receiver for IOS 5.6 includes transparent support for SMS PASSCODE®

Citrix Systems just released their latest version of the Citrix Receiver for iPhone and iPad with the Receiver for iOS 5.6. As stated in the news post, “In addition to general usability and performance improvements, this release adds improved two-factor authentication using SMS PASSCODE and other one-time-password authentication tools”. 53 more words

Andriod powered smartphones and tablets with SMS PASSCODE® support

The proliferation of mobile devices also means a lot more situations where the need for secure remote access is present. We monitor this ongoing and work with the various vendors to ensure, our clients has the broadest platform support and thus the broadest set of options possible. 102 more words

ComON Tech Gold 2010 has SMS PASSCODE in the top 10

This week, ComON, a leading IT publicer in Denmark that also publishes CRN, released the list of the 20 most promising IT companies in Denmark right now. 81 more words

SMS PASSCODE support in Citrix iPhone Receiver

Citrix Systems has released the new Citrix iPhone Receiver 2.0 for the iPhone. The receiver comes for the first time ever with SMS Authentication support from SMS PASSCODE… 130 more words