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Abundance (Bugana Beach and Dive Resort )

I do believe it was time to put a short pause to some outside of the island trip – the beach was calling me again, but this time I headed south side of the island. 1,402 more words

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Make Great Memories at Quino's ( Happy 2nd Year! )

I’m definitely back in the City and grinding up a bit to catch up as to where I left off. I had enough travels to here and there and I could really use a chill down this time in my own city. 661 more words

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Ultimate Paradise ( El Nido | Travel Guide )

Taking my summer goals to the next level means setting course to the ultimate paradise destination , PALAWAN.

Took about a month or two to prepare for this trip, once the traveling itch starts, man! 3,079 more words

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Summerscape at Siquijor Island

If anything should be added in your island destination this summer then it should be Siquijor Island. Right at the heart of Central Visayas lies this tropical heaven, with settled crystal water, uninterrupted scenery and a calm atmosphere, perfect for everyone’s summer getaway. 1,689 more words

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Beach Please ( Lakawon Island Day Trip )

Anyone up for a short day trip at the beach this week? Well I sure do, as I am presently experiencing life at a rate of several “ooopppsss” per hour. 1,187 more words

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The least as possible ( Apo Island Adventure )

Travel as much as you can they say, but it isn’t that always easy, it’s scary to go solo, it’s fun to go with the squad, but nothing is even more exciting than conquering places you’ve never been before – this 2016 I only have 3 things in mind, Work hard – Travel harder – Pray hardest. 2,075 more words

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