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Sometimes background image for lock screen doesn’t show on iPhone

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I have seen this several times that the image I have for my lockscreen does not show. It is just black with the battery indicator shown in foreground and the unlock slider at bottom. 62 more words


3 Pranks to play on someone with an iPhone

Just in time for April Fools here are a few pranks you can play on someone with an iPhone.

1. Auto correct prank

On someone else iPhone… 187 more words

In the following excerpt entitled "Jennifer's No Go GNO" Jennifer's corporate insubordination reaches unprecedented heights when Alan Avery, her "Motorola dynaTac" of a boss's inappropriate advances interfere with one too many GNO's and Jennifer is over it.

Last night when she had to bow out early from the long overdue “GNO” (girls night out) with Lindsay and Kat at Le Croissette (the one Hollywood hot spot that she hadn’t yet been to and had been dying to go to for months) Jennifer was resentful. 686 more words


Life Through The Lens - Part II - April 1 Image

Sometimes you see a sign that makes you question not only the intelligence, but the sanity of those responsible for making the law or rule that the sign is attempting to enforce.  51 more words


To protect or not to protect, that is the question.

Now this Is an question with no 1 answer really, everybody has there opinion on whether our devices should have cases, sleeves and screen protectors on. 666 more words

What parts of cordova cli generated projects can be safely versioned in source control?

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I’m looking to use Cordova CLI instead of a home grown ant solution for command line management of a phonegap/cordova project. 102 more words


21 things you didn't know your iPhone could do by Lisa Eadicicco - Business Insider

21 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do

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We’re nearly attached to our iPhones — we use them all day everyday, but you may be surprised to learn there are still a handful of things it can do that you probably didn’t know about. 56 more words