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Mac Batteries Retaining Less Than 80% Charge Now Covered Under AppleCare

Apple’s AppleCare+ Protection Plan for iPad, iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPod was recently just updated so that batteries that have less than 80% of the original capacity is covered. 88 more words

Sassy Siri

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) Has “Siri” been sassing you today?

She has quite a comeback that folks are talking about online.

Watch our video to find out what question has been riling Siri up.


intelliArmor Glass HD Screen Protector Review

I received this in exchange for my honest review.

How many of you have children that beg to use your phone and all you can do is cringe the entire time because your terrified that they may drop it? 548 more words

Product Review

How to save user login credentials using PhoneGap API?

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I want to save user login credential in my iPhone app, The app is build using PhoneGap and SenchaTouch API’s. 102 more words


Siri gets a little snarky when asked ‘what’s zero divided by zero?’

Apple’s signature digital assistant, Siri, has plenty of ‘Easter eggs’ when you ask questions like, “Does Siri stand for seriously?” “Do you believe in God?” or the ever popular, “What’s your favorite color?” 278 more words


Apple releases iOS 8.4 is now out with Apple Music included

Apple has now made iOS 8.4 available to everyone for download. iOS 8.4’s most notable feature is, as you may know, Apple Music. The company’s new music streaming service is included in this release. 197 more words

How to stop the iPhone from vibrating for just the alarm?

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How do I set the vibrate to not fire for alarms but still fire for calls, texts, emails, reminders, etc? 160 more words