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Ants will circle around an Apple iPhone if it is ringing

Turns out ants will start circling around an iphone if it starts ringing.

Weird huh? Nobody quite knows why, but some suggest this might be due to the vibrations released by the phone. 108 more words


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Apple applies for patent for fuel cell system that could power a MacBook "for days or even weeks"

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has today published a patent application from Apple for a fuel cell system designed to allow a MacBook to operate without external power “for days or even weeks.” The patent was published shortly after a British company rumored to be working with Apple managed to fit a fuel cell battery… 233 more words

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Inside The Bubble

With the help of my iPhone and iPad, I will be okay. These two have been my companions in the past, so if I am quarantined I won’t suffer from the isolation. 203 more words

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Update | Skype redesigns its iPhone and iPad app with new features

Microsoft-owned Skype on Thursday announced a major redesign of its mobile application for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The new Skype 6.0 for iPhone and Skype 6.0 for iPad (still two separate downloads) features a sleeker look that the company says was “built for both the iPhone and iPad,” includes simpler navigation, a more powerful search and improved multi-tasking when switching between call and chat screens. 563 more words


DIY Emoji Magnets

Who doesn’t love a good Emoji!? Sometimes there is no better way to express yourself then to send out an Emoji. Be there soon – little car emoji. 351 more words


Young Driver Criticized On Facebook For Using Tape Deck As iPhone Dock [PHOTO]

By: Evan Jankens

Remember the old days when every car had a tape deck and if you had an old school iPod you would use that to stream your music? 87 more words

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