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WATCH: Brett Eldredge, Garth Brooks and More Confess Embarrassing Songs In Their Playlists

Take a good look at your music playlist.

You’re sure to find at least one (if not more) songs on there that might make you wonder what you were thinking. 136 more words


My Top 10 iPod Tracks - 011216

  1. (-) – Darkroom (Gulag Remix) – Circuit3
  2. (-) -Doubt – Delphic
  3. (-) – Cigarettes And Chocolate Milk (live) – Rufus Wainwright
  4. (-) – Foolish Love (live) – Rufus Wainwright…
  5. 47 more words

Apple Music(iOS 10) is terrible

Sterile train wreck

I used to really love Apple Music.  I did.  I had never paid for a music sub before.  Partially because it seemed like an unjustifiable expense (we’re super broke) but mostly because none of the apps I had encountered so far really impressed me enough to spend my money. 596 more words


Does Media Interfere with Interaction?

How do personal music players, such as smartphones, iPods, and Walkmans, change how we interact with people? Does walking around with headphones on isolate us from each other? 226 more words

Chapter Bubbles

India and Thanksgiving

First I have to thank my wife Cathy for guest blogging while I was in India on business. I had long wanted her to guest blog and the trip provide a great opportunity, and she did a fantastic job. 317 more words

Apple and Me


As you have probably already guessed, Technology is a big part of my life. It all started when I was a little child and I saw a lorry outside my house and I remember to this day seeing a big box come out of this lorry, I turned around to dad and said “What’s that dad?” and he then replied that it was a computer and at that time it didn’t mean anything to me. 298 more words