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How I made my own VPN server in 15 minutes | TechCrunch

People are (rightfully) freaking out about their privacy as the Senate voted to let internet providers share your private data with advertisers. While it’s important to protect your privacy,… 38 more words

Power User

Wi-Fi Security Everyone Should Know

Most of the time when we are traveling we don’t want to use all of our mobile data. We would rather stop at a Starbucks or restaurant and connect to their Public Wi-Fi. 353 more words


Cisco ASA VTI and PaloAlto - IPSEC L2L

Cisco has introduced VTI (Virtual Tunnel Interface)  in Cisco ASA images from version 9.7. This is a long-awaited feature. Crypto maps with ACL’s is cumbersome and does not work well with Azure or AWS. 734 more words


Fixed- vCloud Director 8.20 IPsec Tunnel issues after upgrading to NSX 6.3.x from prior NSX versions

Some SPs reported losing IPSEC tunnels on their vCD edges after upgrading from NSX 6.2.X to NSX 6.3.x+ with the below error:

“Sending notification
NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN to “IP address” 500, Oakley Transform refused due to strict flag, no acceptable Oakley Transform, responding to Main Mode.” 265 more words

Enable IPSec between Windows 10 client and Windows server 2016 - simple video tutorial

Today I tried to implement IPsec for certain protocols (in my example for TCP port 80 from Windows 10 client to Windows server 2016 running IIS and ICMP just to show it is possible to enable IPSec on per-protocol basis). 424 more words

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Fortigate: Disable Telemetry (Endpoint Security) for Client VPN Users

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Solution 1

You can recreate the VPN and on Step 3, Unselect Allow Endpoint Registration

Solution 2

Disable Endpoint Security

Enable the feature first so the option will show up on the firewall. 33 more words


Sonicwall GVC VPN: Unable to connect to VPN. Error: "Packet length mismatch with interface MTU"

I had a client who was unable to connect to the Sonicwall VPN via GVC (Global VPN Client).

Packet capture showed initial inbound traffic to the Sonicwall from Client is being dropped. 217 more words