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Canned asparagus, ant farm among Canadians' strangest Secret Santa gifts

It’s that magical time of year when the carols start to play, the snow starts to fall and…the most bizarre and awkward gifts are exchanged with acquaintances and co-workers. 345 more words


Here's how Quebec's immigrant vote differs from the rest of Canada

As the analysis notes, difference entirely due to the effect of the Bloc:

After the last three federal elections, Ipsos has conducted exit surveys with tens of thousands of people across the country, more than 12,000 of whom were immigrant voters.

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Survey says: Home buyers are influenced by price, features and curb appeal

When shopping for a house, buyers are most influenced by price, features and a home’s curb appeal, according to research from the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA). 315 more words


Glavin: The 'left' aligns with the 'right' as refugees suffer

It should not come have come as a surprise that a chaotic upheaval across the Middle East more bloody than any eruption since the partitioning of the Ottoman Empire in the 1920s, the sundering of Syria into a vast, smoking tomb and the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War would sooner or later crop up as an “issue” in Canada’s otherwise boring and parochial federal election campaign. 1,108 more words


Exclusive: NDP poised to win Alberta election according to poll

Watch above: An exclusive Ipsos poll conducted for Global News and Corus Entertainment suggests the NDP has taken the lead over the Wildrose and PCs ahead of the 2015 Alberta election. 791 more words


One-third of Canadians at ‘high risk’ for mental health concerns: poll

WATCH: A new poll for Global News offers some insight into the mental health of Canadians, suggesting there’s a disconnect between our perceptions and how we’re really doing. 924 more words


Housing market stresses Saskatoon renters

Watch above: Trying to get out of the rental cycle and into a home is becoming more difficult for Saskatoon residents. Meaghan Craig takes a look at what stresses are involved in making the move. 633 more words