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Housing market stresses Saskatoon renters

Watch above: Trying to get out of the rental cycle and into a home is becoming more difficult for Saskatoon residents. Meaghan Craig takes a look at what stresses are involved in making the move. 633 more words


Mortgage, rent payments a leading source of stress for Canadians: poll

TORONTO – Housing costs continue to eat up a large portion of Canadians’ take-home pay. And those costs are a significant source of stress for homeowners and renters alike, a new poll has found. 354 more words


Half of Canadians don't think they'll be able to retire comfortably: poll

“Freedom 55″ — it’s a nice idea, retiring mortgage- and debt-free, ready to start a new chapter in your post-working life. Unfortunately, for many it’s an idea that is quickly becoming out of reach, as a new exclusive poll found that when it comes to retirement, Canadians are not confident about their future. 343 more words


Jobs, keeping a steady income lead Canadians' money woes: poll

WATCH ABOVE: An exclusive Ipsos Reid poll for Global News reveals nearly half of Canadians say their income causes them stress.

TORONTO – How are you feeling about your job these days? 662 more words


Majority of Canadians say ‘good riddance’ to Target

ABOVE: Bargain hunters face pre-dawn cold for Target liquidation sales

Most Canadians feel Target Canada pulled up stakes too soon and could have turned its fortunes around. 528 more words


Attack on Nathan Cirillo, Parliament Hill tops 2014 Canadian news stories: poll

WATCH ABOVE: Global’s Erika Tucker on what Canadians chose as the top news stories of 2014 in our exclusive Global News/Ipsos Reid poll. 

TORONTO – In an exclusive Global News / Ipsos Reid poll, Canadians chose the attack on the soldier guarding the National War Memorial and Parliament Hill as the top story of 2014. 507 more words


ISIS, Ebola top international news stories in Canada: exclusive poll

WATCH: Stuart Greer takes a look back at the year’s top stories.

OTTAWA – Canadians have chosen the dual scares of Islamic State terrorism and… 591 more words