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Block IP using iptables

In order to block an IP in our Linux server, we need to use iptables:

iptables -A INPUT -s IP-TO-BLOCK -j DROP
service iptables save
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herbie security by obscurity

iptables -t nat -A OUTPUT -p tcp -d {host} –dport {port-mapped} -j DNAT –to-destination {IP:port}


Using Odroid as IP Router

I purchased an Odroid-XU4 for ca. 80 EUR including power-supply and case from Pollin. The original manufacturer is hardkernel. I intended to use this small… 3,146 more words


How to modify SSH remote login port in Linux

SSH: short for Secure Shell, SSH (developed by SSH Communications Security Ltd.) is a secure protocol for remote logins. Using an SSH client, a user can connect to a server to transfer information in a more secure manner than other methods, such as telnet. 120 more words


Wallaby's Nightmare - Walkthrough

This segment of my Vulnhub series covers my walkthrough for the “Wallaby’s Nightmare (v1.0.2)” game.

Finding Host and uncover services

As always, I began finding the address of the game: 1,004 more words


noob iptables cheat sheet


  1. All rules are processed from top to down.  Once a rule is matched (with jump), the rest will be ignored.
  2. Never run iptables -F if the default rules are DROP or your system will be inaccessible.  
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Test driving App Firewall with IPTables

With more and more application moving to the cloud, web based applications have become ubiquitous. They are ideal for providing access to applications sitting on the cloud (over HTTP through a standard web browser). 1,279 more words