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Fail2ban To Block Break-In Attempts

While troubleshooting some initial configurations with my HAProxy setup, I noticed a few alarming things in my /var/log/auth.log.

Apr 17 07:17:00 hostname sshd: Failed password for invalid user admin from port 20024 ssh2
Apr 17 08:23:55 hostname sshd: Failed password for invalid user hunter from port 47259 ssh2
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How to block Tor exit nodes from accessing your website

Internet trolls are using Tor nowadays to avoid bans by IP. However, banning Tor exit nodes is just slightly more complex. The Tor Project provides a regularly updated list of exit nodes that can access your IP… 124 more words

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DigitalOcean - Server Administration - OwnCloud ...κλπ

Καταρχήν να πω ότι δεν ήξερα τι τίτλο να δώσω σε αυτό τον οδηγό. Θα καλύψουμε ένα κάπως μεγάλο εύρος, από τη δημιουργία ενός εικονικού διακομιστή, τη βασική διαχείριση, μέχρι τη βασική ασφάλεια, αλλά και το στήσιμο και εκμετάλλευση ενός περιβάλλοντος OwnCloud. 827 more words


How to configure a simple router with iptables in Ubuntu

If you have a server with two network cards, you can set a simple router that NATs a private range to a public one, by simply installing iptables and configuring it. 235 more words


creating a VPN as subnet of a LAN... and enjoying it

While I was configuring a VPN one of these days following the excellent wiki at openvpn.net, I realised that there’s another “creative” way to configure it so no iptables’ configuration is needed. 1,174 more words


How to create a multi-LXC infrastructure using custom NAT and DHCP server

I am creating complex infrastructures with LXC. This time I wanted to create a realistic infrastructure that would simulate a real multi computer infrastructure, and I wanted to control all the components. 1,409 more words


Road warrior setup: OpenVPN routed LANs and other examples

PKI configuration for the following examples is the same (description of cacert.pem, server.key, server.pem, client.key, client.pem, dh.pem. ta.key can be found here), so I will just list the relevant connection stuff. 932 more words