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How to connect complex networking infrastructures with Open vSwitch and LXC containers

Some days ago, I learned How to create a overlay network using Open vSwitch in order to connect LXC containers. In order to extend the features of the set-up that I did there, I wanted to introduce some services: a DHCP server, a router, etc. 1,914 more words


Debian: Debian Jessie Fail2Ban Implementation

A simple guide on how to perform an implementation of Fail2Ban on Debian Jessie for SSH.

Download and Install Fail2Ban

sudo apt-get install -y fail2ban
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How To Set Up a Basic Iptables Firewall on Centos 6


This article will show how to create a simple firewall on a Centos VPS. It will only open up ports that we want and close up other services. 1,710 more words

Regole UFW per VPN, ovvero come impedire leak di IP (killswitch).

Ufw (Uncomplicated firewall) è l’applicazione predefinita in molte distro Linux per la configurazione del firewall. Sviluppato per semplificare la configurazione di… 407 more words

Come Fare

More about Linux Firewall

A firewall is a System that’s responsible for filtering network packets that are passed through it. Simply put, a firewall is used to block incoming/outgoing packets that can harm network resources. 571 more words



Bagunlah sebuah jaringan yang mengimplementasikan firewall (iptables) yang menghubungkan 3 buah jaringan, yaitu jaringan internet, intranet, dan DMZ seperti di bawah ini. Gunakan GNS3.

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Копирование трафика между приложениями одного сервера (RADIUS и СОРМ)

Если вдруг у вас на одном сервере оказались BRAS и RADIUS-сервер, а вам надо скопировать RADIUS-аккаунтинг, то первое что приходит в голову – разнести эти сервисы по серверам и традиционным SPAN-ом скопировать нужный трафик. 76 more words