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CBS Reveals Plans for Affiliates About Streaming Service

These affiliates, along with CBS Corp.’s 14 owned stations, cover 56 domestic markets bringing the coverage of CBS All Access to 55% of United States. This agreement will help the company to expand the reach of its streaming services. 62 more words

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Google, Android TV and the Nexus Player: reasons to be excited

By Matthew Walters – @matthew_waltersmatt.walters@decipher.co.uk

Fresh from its initial unveiling and then its release to the US market in the Autumn, late last month Google’s latest streaming device – the Nexus Player – hit the UK shelves.  1,490 more words

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HBO begins streaming on Sling TV today

HBO is set to cost $15 per month, on top of the $20 people are already paying for Sling TV’s basic channel package. Still, this has been the cord-cutter’s dream for some time, so we don’t expect to see too many complaints about it — plus, it’s not as if anyone expected HBO to be a part of the Sling TV starter pack, to begin with. 10 more words

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La #vidéo à la demande a renoué avec la croissance en 2014 (Journal du Net)

Après une baisse de 4,7%, en 2013, le marché de la VoD en France a enregistré une croissance de 3,8% l’année dernière, selon le CNC. 38 more words

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How #Netflix Is Creating the Ultra-High-Def Future of TV (Wired)

Netflix crystallized the idea of an internet service that streamed unlimited amounts of TV and movies into your home. It redefined television production with House of Cards… 16 more words

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#HBO To Netflix: Bring It On (Fast Company)

How HBO’s quest to win the streaming wars became a binge-worthy drama as juicy as Game of Thrones.

On a frigid winter Friday in Manhattan’s MediaGulch, HBO CEO Richard Plepler glides through the doors of a power-lunch spot called the Lambs Club. 16 more words

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Deja-Vue: PlayStation Vue is everything you love to hate about cable TV in a game console

The biggest problem is that Playstation Vue simply feels far too much like cable for its own good. The bundles it offers includes a bunch of “filler” channels that make the package look big, but serve no practical value — there are at least a dozen stations we’d just as soon do without … and avoid paying for. 53 more words

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