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Gadget Notes - Small Seven(小七电视盒)Media Box

Date:  Apr 16, 2016

Yes, it is another TV media box.  Something I have picked up from Shenzhen Huaqiang North.  The Small Seven TV media Box.   456 more words

Gadget Notes - UBTV 3.3.4 Oversea

Date:  April 12, 2016

If you have a UBTV (安博科技) Gen2 IPTV box, you may face with the following problem.

  1. Cannot click on any of the UBTV app.
  2. 199 more words

Gadget Notes - Xiaomi TV Box 3

This is the new Xiaomi TV Box 3. 小米盒子3增强版. I bought it from Shenzhen 华强北.

Now, at my home, I spent a lot of time on my Apple TV 4. 942 more words

IPTV: The New Kid In Town

With technology evolving at lightning speed, “cutting the cord” is a hot topic in today’s world. Consumers are swimming in alternatives to traditional pay-TV, with internet based services like Netflix, SlingTV and HBO GO. 305 more words

HD still driving European channel growth

The European Audiovisual Observatory’s MAVISE database says as of 2015 there were 5,370 available channels, excluding local channels and windows. High Definition accounted for 57% of the net channel increase over the six-year period. 42 more words

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[Short Tip] Enable IPTV using a Netgear R8000

I recently got IPTV for my DSL. Included was an multimedia box, which I connected via WiFi: the DSL modem was a Fritzbox 7412, the WiFi was provided by a Netgear R8000, and the WiFI receiver on the multimedia box side was a Netgear EX6200 (yeah, quite heavy setup for simple tasks) . 136 more words


Vacation soon

Every year millions of people are going on vacation. They chose many places but every year more and more tourists goes to exotic places. It is result of cheap transport and cheap hotels. 165 more words