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Tasks for IPv6 Application Developers before testing developed app.

I happened to read this really good article on the http://www.networkworld.com about the things a developer should take care while developing the Application.

I was doing a ProofOfConcept to establish an IPv6 Point to Point network between two application notes in past. 136 more words

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(Hexadecimal is base-16, written using thenumerals zero through 9 and the letters A through F. Why base-16?Remember how computers like things that are powers of two anddivisible by eight. 264 more words

Busting Myths - IPv6 Link Local Next Hop into BGP

In some publications it is mentioned that a link local next-hop can’t be used when redistributing routes into BGP because routers receiving the route will not know what to do with the next-hop. 450 more words



Meneruskan lab sebelumnya. Tinggal ditambahkan konfigurasi IPv6 nya saja tidak usah menghapus konfigurasi eigrp sebelumnya. 350 more words

CCIE SP - IOS XR Basic Configuration


Segala sesuatu terlihat sulit apabila hanya dibayangkan saja. Ya, itu adalah kata2 umum yang sering didengar, begitu pula dengan pembahasan tentang IPv6. Sebelum kita bahas tentang IPv6 kita harus berfikir bisa dulu “Menjadikan yang rumit menjadi… 1,699 more words

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Strong Advanced Infrastructure - CCIE - USA

JOB TITLE: Senior Consultant

PRACTICE: Advanced Infrastructure

JOB DESCRIPTION – True consultant. Heavy remote with some travel for care and feeding, kickoff, discovery etc…

 As a member of a team of advanced infrastructure consultants and senior consultants, 468 more words

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SDN and the Trough Of Understanding

An article published this week referenced a recent Hype Cycle diagram (pictured above) from the oracle of IT – Gartner. While the lede talked a lot about the apparent “death” of Fibre Channel over Ethernet (FCoE), there was also a lot of time devoted to discussing SDN’s arrival at the… 594 more words