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Multitopology IS-IS for IPv6 Routing

Multitopology IS-IS enables IS-IS to run independent IP topologies in a single routing domain. This can be separate IPv4 topologies, separate IPv6 topologies, or a combination of both sets. 2,265 more words

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Das Internet gehört dem Kommerz

Anton Weber*

Früher, 1989 als Tim Berners-Lee das World Wide Web beim CERN erfand, ging es um Informationsaustausch und Informationsbeschaffung.

Und nur darum. Das Web, das Internet war damals eine rein akademische Sache. 832 more words


A billion active devices

Once again, the pundits are telling us that Apple is doomed. This time it is because its growth in profits slowed.

Despite still making a record quarterly profit of $18.4 billion – that’s approaching half of its total profit for the whole of 2014, and sufficient to buy the gold reserves of the UK… 294 more words


ipv4 and ipv6 slow DNS

Following some updates, my son’s browse activity (Sugarlabs fedora) would fail to resolve domain names but I could happily ping those from the command line. The root cause prompted me to write this post in case others find themselves in front of similar dns issues with common linux distributions that have ipv4 and ipv6 enabled by default. 408 more words

Could Not Resolve Host


IPv4 addresses, like phone numbers are assigned hierarchically, and thus, have inherent inefficiency. The world’s Internet population has been growing and the number of Internet-connected devices continues to rise, with no end in sight. 575 more words


It's Time For IPv6, Isn't It?

I made a joke tweet the other day:

2016 will be the year of (pick only one): ☐ VDI ☐ IPv6 ☐ Desktop Linux ☐ None of the Above…

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