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IPv6: NAT64

NAT IPv6 to IPv4 is referred to as NAT64, replaced NAT-PT in RFC 6144.  NAT64 and DNS64 was created to allow an IPv6 only client to initiate communications to an IPv4 only server.   32 more words



One method of interconnecting IPv6 and IPv4 networks is called Network Address Translation-Protocol Translation by implementing this feature at all boundry routers, NAT-Pt translates between IPv6 and IPv4 addresses to communicate with hosts on different networks without the need to run dual stack environments. 8 more words


IPv6: SLAAC and DHCPv6

DHCPv6 provides a stateful means of managing and distributing IPv6 addresses to clients dynamically.

IPv6 has a stateless method of address assignment as well that does not require a DHCP server to distribute or manage IPs called Stateless Address Auto Configuration (SLAAC) 35 more words


Raspberry Pi NAT64/DNS64 router

I am currently experimenting running an IPv6 only WLAN at work, so thought I’d try experimenting at home. Whereas at work we have a CSR1000v to perform the NAT64 and a separate Linux VM for DNS64, the config below details combining both functions on a Raspberry Pi (RPi). 293 more words


Check how your web site looks on IPv6 only connection

Today i found great resource for the IPv6 adopters. NAT64 Check website checks and compares website look and feel in NAT64, IPv4-only and IPv6-only modes. This way i been able to find that on my of the my web sites IPv6 was not configured correctly (browser was automatically falling back to v4, so i did not found that myself). 89 more words

Securing SSH and Disabling IPv6 on Raspbian Jessie Lite

There are many things you can do to secure both your SSH sessions and your Pi’s in general.  Because of our already established security parameters I am going to walk through what I think are the minimum security measures you should take. 397 more words

Raspbian Jessie Lite

What is Intermediate System to Intermediate System (IS-IS)?


IS-IS is an old interior gateway routing protocol. It is used when we need to set up dynamic routing for a large network and when all the routers in a network are not Cisco routers. 11 more words