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IPv6 Finally Arriving on SWITCHengines

As you may have heard or noticed, the Internet is running out of addresses. It’s time to upgrade from the 35 years old IPv4 protocol, which doesn’t even have a single public address per human on the earth, to the brand new (?) … 826 more words


IPv6 Monitoring

NodePing now supports IPv6… mostly.

Our website and server monitoring service can now monitor IPv6 services. With real, honest-to-goodness ICMP pings as well as the funky bracket notation for URLs: 276 more words

NodePing Updates

Apple has announced on its developer blog that it will require all apps submitted to the iOS App Store to support IPv6-only networks from June 1 2016.  158 more words

IOS Devices

Discover Your IPv6!

Rules no 1. Ensure that your service provider support IPv6!

Once you have the IPv6 addresses, start capturing those packets!

This is how we normally do in IPv4 world:  128 more words

Network Forensics


RIP itself is not as complex as the other routing protocols and is in a lot of ways inferior to them, yet the simplicity makes it suitable for Small Office Home Office routers and simple networks.   227 more words


nslookup showing IPv6 on DNS Server

On a DNS server,  nslookup returns IPv6 as the default server address and ipconfig/all returns ::1 as the DNS servers.

Check Network Properties > Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) > make sure that ::1 is not set as the Preferred DNS server. 6 more words

OpenDNS IP Addresses