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Quantum of SCADA

So…yeah…today sucked.  Is it possible to have negative productivity?  After running off the track (not too far) yesterday, Jeff pointed out the correct tracks far off on the horizon and I trudged back, shoved the consist back on the rails, and got re-started.  Of the dozens of lines of unnecessary (but not bad) code, I only had to undo a couple.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday I made great progress. 361 more words

A certain degree of frustration

Now on iteration…mmmmm….four, I think, of pushing IP v6 into CygNet, and am making invisible progress, I’d say.  That’s the kind where you seem to be doing a lot and accomplishing little of substance.  But, it leads to good situations like today, where I realized trying to keep the v4 infrastructure and shovel in the v6 isn’t going to be a good idea, even for a prototype. 511 more words

A Certain Degree of Frustration, Part II

Scene:  the following day, during which our protagonist has an insight that might perhaps not be as stupid as it initially appears


A few weeks ago, I asked Jeff & Derek, “Why is CAddressBytes() a CByteVector()?” 392 more words

Gumption Traps

I enjoy working here more than any place I can think of, but that doesn’t mean it’s always hunky dory.  The last couple of months have been filled with gumption traps.  I first read about these in… 1,463 more words

Finally, something works

It’s been a crappy few months, frankly.  One of the problems with “research” is that by normal standards, most projects going to be “failures” in the sense that you fail to achieve something.  In the scientific and commercial sense, though, it’s not really a failure if and only if you learn something from your actions.  This blog is here for precisely that reason, but for a couple months now I’ve been running into brick walls, several of my own construction, but at least we now know where a lot of walls are in the pitch-black Dungeon of IPv6. 1,502 more words

Finally, something works – An update

As part of getting the IPv6 tunnel functioning, I mentioned I’d had to take out the NetGear VPN.  Unfortunately, it’s really needed for the VPN function, so I restored the the full outer-inner router arrangement yesterday.  … 264 more words

IPv6 - various

Diameter – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diameter_%28protocol%29

Upgrade from RADIUS

The name is a pun on the RADIUS protocol, which is the predecessor (a diameter is twice the radius). Diameter is not directly…

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