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California High-Speed Data Provider Expands Into Michigan

SOUTHFIELD — Fremont, Calif.-based Hurricane Electric announced it had established a network Point of Presence (PoP) at the Southfield data center of 123Net.

The company said it was its first PoP in Michigan. 205 more words


Top Books: Day One Exploring IPV6

#Books #eBooks #iOS Top Books: Day One Exploring IPV6 The impending exhaustion of IPv4 addresses is prompting many network operators to look closer at ways to provide more address space, including IPv6 and NAT solutions. 37 more words

Things I've Learned on IPv6

As an appendix to my previous IPv6 post, I’d like to summarize what I’ve learned on my IPv6 journey.

IPv6 address space is vast: 291 more words

IPv6 at Home with Ubuntu

Somewhere around December 2016 I realized that my ISP has changed my router settings form IPv4 only to dual stack and the era of IPv6 has come for me as well. 561 more words

Tìm hiểu về địa chỉ IPV6 nhanh chóng

Khái niệm IPv6 đã được nhắc tới rất nhiều năm gần đây khi mà lượng IP v4 đang ngày càng cạn kiệt hơn, tuy nhiên thì IPv6 vẫn chưa được sử dụng rộng rãi tại Việt nam, có rất ít các công ty doanh nghiệp đang sử dụng địa chỉ IPv6 này. 958 more words


Dual IP Stack Implementation

Dual-stack (or native dual-stack) IP implementations provide complete IPv4 and IPv6 protocol stacks in the same network node. This facilitates native communications between nodes using either protocol. 110 more words

Going For the Gold - The 2008 Olympic Games IPv6 Use Scores China a Perfect

As the 2008 Olympic Games are broadcast around the world, one little known Olympic feat wasn’t performed by any athlete, but by the China’s Next Generation Internet project (CNGI). 1,273 more words