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Digital Ocean - Outgoing SMTP connection blocked

By default, Digital Ocean blocks SMTP on IPv6, i.e. outgoing connection on port 465 over IPv6. Although they are easing into the roll out of SMTP support over IPv6, until then, the only option to enable outgoing connection on port 465 is to set the connection preference to IPv4 over IPv6. 29 more words

Are you ready for IPv6?

Internet Protocol (IP) – I believe this word is no stranger to many of us. From IP-enabled cameras to HDMI over IP IR controllers, it is without a doubt that the AV industry is embracing the functionality of IP rather quickly. 376 more words

Commentary (Published)

A history of TCP and IP addresses: time is running out!

You may have heard or read that every computer, every phone and essentially every device connected to the Internet has a unique address, a sort of ID, if you will, that identifies it within a pool of millions of gadgets from all over the world. 832 more words


Advertising IPv6 Prefixes over IPv4 BGP peers

As all of us know that BGP is an older than IPV6 and luckily, BGP support carrying routing information for different protocols (ie. IPv6). either by establish the BGP neighborship over IPv6 addresses (Traditional method) or  exchange prefixes IPv6 over BGP IPv4 sessions (what we are willing to discuss at this document). 260 more words


Gmail blocking servers that don't have a Valid IPv6 PTR Record

I wanted to share an issue we’ve seen multiple reports of this week, where MDaemon customers have started receiving bouncebacks from Google mail servers.

Valid email is being refused due to PTR record failures, and it’s happening for all Gmail domains including customer registered domains that are used with Google services. 436 more words


How to disable IPv6 in Ubuntu 14.04

I am tired of trying to update Ubuntu and see that it is trying to use the IPv6 that hangs the installation (ocasionally forever). My solution still is to disable IPv6 until it is properly used, so this time… 106 more words


Semoga Tuhan Merahmati Kita Semua...

Apa sudah terjadi????? Network, Infra, PC, Laptop dan rakan-rakan sekutu telah menjadi kerasss??!!!!!!

Untuk info yang lebih mendalam, datang ke #IPv6Day di #OfisgateAcademy pada 21 May 2016. 26 more words