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IPv4 vs. IPv6

Those of you who are as old as I am will remember the multi-year attempt to move the United States from the English system of measurements to the metric system.   114 more words

No Jitter

North America has run out of IP addresses

TORONTO – The Internet has become too big in North America, according to the American Registry for Internet Numbers. The company, which is responsible for assigning Internet Protocol (IP) addresses to computers, announced this week it has run out of numbers. 195 more words


It’s official: North America out of new IPv4 addresses

Remember how, a decade ago, we told you that the Internet was running out of IPv4 addresses? Well, it took a while, but that day is here now: Asia, Europe, and Latin America have been parceling out scraps for a year or more, and now the ARIN wait list is here for the US, Canada, and numerous North Atlantic and Caribbean islands. 654 more words


IPv6: Floating IPs and Duplicate Address Detection

The very nature of the floating IPs can lead to some classical quirks in a distributed system network. This discussion mainly focuses on IPv6, and how its duplicate IP detection mechanism can clash with the floating IP technique. 814 more words


Service Provider IPv6 Deployment

These are my study notes regarding IPv6 deployment in SP networks in preparation for the CCDE exam.

Drivers for implementing IPv6

  • External drivers
    • SP customers that need access to IPv6 resources…
  • 1,520 more words

Neutron networking with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

(This is a summary version of a talk I gave at Red Hat Summit on June 25th, 2015. Slides are available here)

I was honored to speak the second time in a row on Red Hat Summit, the premier open source technology event hosted in Boston this year. 388 more words


The IPv6 Revolution Will Not Be Broadcast

There are days when IPv6 proponents have to feel like Chicken Little. Ever since the final allocation of the last /8s to the RIRs over… 970 more words