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Hillary's Got Some Promises and a Rat's Nest

Hillary Clinton is an advocate for governmentalizing the social order, and asks America to trust that central control, under her command, will accomplish great things such as upward mobility for the middle class, a rising standard of living, green energy for all, a “fix” for Obamacare, and much else. 975 more words

Big Government

How Did the Times Know When Rand Paul Fell Asleep on Saturday Night?

Ira Stoll raises a pressing journalistic question on his New York Times criticism blog, Smarter Times. He takes issue with the final sentence in Jeremy W. 230 more words

New York Times

Quote o' the Day (NYT Anonymouse Edition)

The (ab)use of anonymous quotes by the New York Times is closely followed not only by the Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan, but also by former New York Sun managing editor… 94 more words

Comment les blogs ont tué les rédactions

Cet article faisant état de la survie des blogs parmi les émetteurs d’information repose l’éternelle question : quel statut ont les auteurs vis-à-vis d’une marque-média? Sont-ils des marques-filles ou d’anonymes composantes d’une marque-mère? 440 more words


Two Quick Friday Links-Real Estate Money And Regulation

From The Cuture Of Capitalism: ‘Bribery At The Buildings Dept.-Again

Regulatory capture so serious it’s rife with corruption:

‘The corruption is, along with the regulation, a contributing factor in New York City’s sky-high housing costs.

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Public Debate

Who Wants To Blog Forever?

Ira Stoll, on blogging, after the Andrew Sullivan announcement:

‘I’ve seen the advantages and disadvantages of the old media world, and of the blog world, too.

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Public Debate

The Bill Clinton of 2014-2016 Will Not Be the Bill Clinton of 1992

Everyone who is familiar with the 1992 presidential campaign knows that Bill Clinton ran as a “new kind of Democrat,” one who would “end welfare as we know it,” one who would help craft a society that would reward those who “work hard and play by the rules.” When he ran for president in 1992, Clinton knew that he would not win if he adopted a traditional liberal stance, so he crafted the now-famous “Third Way” approach and campaigned and governed under a Third Way banner. 527 more words