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New Video: Control the Money in Your Retirement

Here’s a look at another one of the new Rosland Capital commercials that were just completed. William Devane talks about controlling what you can control by backing your IRA with gold and silver.

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Quick Update on the Irish Post

Not to barrage you on a topic many may find boring, but one quick bit slipped my mind when cataloging unionism’s totally blatant hypocrisy on paramilitary activity. 846 more words


Your new financial bible

Some people’s eye glaze over when they hear the word brokerage. Take a deep breath, because investing doesn’t have to be hard. First of all, what accounts to contribute to? 477 more words

Litigation Tip for Whistleblowers and Appellants: Overcoming the Jurisdictional Hurdle

Federal employees who file whistleblower complaints with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel may, if OSC closes their complaints (or 120 days after filing the complaint), appeal the matter to the U.S. 194 more words

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10 Blunders Investors Make with their Money

No investor is perfect, but hanging onto an imperfection a bit too long can add up to the point where it wrecks a portfolio, cuts a hole in your wallet or costs you a ton of money somewhere down the line. 1,031 more words


"Los monstruos existen en forma de sentimientos, ira, envidia, celos, deseos de venganza"

¿Existen de verdad los monstruos? ¿Te has encontrado con alguno en tu vida? Quizá deberíamos formular la pregunta de otra manera: ¿qué es un monstruo para ti? 657 more words