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Despite vicissitudes, the Good Friday Agreement settled in Belfast on Good Friday, on the 10th April 1998, has lasted well. If it can persist for a couple more generations, then perhaps those still restless characters in the Republic and in Northern Ireland can get accustomed to peace-driven progress and put the tragedy of past troubles behind them for good. 886 more words


A Brave New World with the DoL ruling

In 2017 financial advisors are now considered fiduciaries regarding IRA accounts. A fiduciary is someone who puts the benefit of the owner/beneficiary of the assets over their own. 307 more words



So I am back at creative writing, and I wouldn’t say I was struggling these last couple of weeks but we have been working on characters, but I already have my characters! 415 more words

FEYE roll

#CoveredCalls #IRA – Been selling these for months trying to get back to even…finally getting close. Rolling into earnings week for nice credit.

Rolled this week’s 13.0 calls to Feb 3rd 13.0 calls @ .61 credit

NVDA again

#ShortPuts #IRA – Taking a little more risk off for nice profits…

Bought to Close NVDA FEB 3 2017 90.0 Puts @ .29 (sold for 1.70)

16th January 1939. The Troubles.

The Fenian, Sinn Fein, founded by Arthur Griffiths in 1902 was superseded by the IRA in 1916, the year of the Easter Uprising, when it proclaimed the Irish Republic of Eire and fought a successful and bloody war against British Forces between 1919-21. 377 more words


Remain Vigilant. Remain Scared

I have been reading the recent reports around the death or murder – depending on your opinion – of 28 year old Mohammed Yassar Yaqub recently and I feel compelled to put forward my opinion on one certain element of the matter. 1,121 more words

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