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The silver lining behind a down market – converting to a Roth IRA

Dear Mr. Market:

The wild ride continues! As we have addressed before, the nasty trifecta of oil, China and the Fed continue to hammer the markets. 689 more words


Roth IRA Basics

Let’s talk one of my favorite savings vehicles: the Roth IRA. There are three key Roth IRA factors, all of which distinguish a Roth from a standard IRA or employer-sponsored retirement plan, such as a 401(k) or 403(b). 938 more words


John Patrick Toms, 1901-?: History, Genealogy and Commemoration

In case you weren’t already aware, we are currently living through the centenary of the so-called revolutionary decade in Ireland, 1913-1923. As such,  since 2013 there has been a raft of new books, articles, special issues, editions, tv programmes, documentaries produced providing new angles on this period of Irish history. 2,352 more words


IRA faction claims responsibility for boxing event killing in Dublin

DUBLIN — An Irish Republican Army faction claimed responsibility Monday for killing a reputed member of a drug-dealing gang in a machine gun attack on a Dublin boxing event — and threatened to kill more criminal rivals as part of a long-running underworld feud. 299 more words


100! Century!

Happy 100th Post!

I was going to write a Pseudo-bite post about my visit to my neuropthamologist/doctor crush and his hot new beard but I couldn’t waste my 100th post on that! 469 more words

Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans

Everyone’s familiar with 401(k) plans. But not everyone knows they come in different flavors. There’s the traditional 401(k), of course. But there are also SIMPLE 401(k)s for small employers, 401(k)s with qualified automatic contribution arrangements (QACAs), and safe harbor 401(k)s. 1,283 more words

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