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Key Financial Data 2018

Preliminary Key Financial Data for 2018.

See the tax rate schedule, deductions, credits, tax deadlines, and contribution limits all in one place. This card is very handy to keep on hand! 25 more words

Australian Tax Position for US Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

US IRAs receive favourable tax treatment under the US tax system. But for Americans who immigrate to Australia, the taxation of US IRA’s under Australian tax law can be thwart with complexity. 605 more words



#IRA – Sold 1 SVXY FEB 16 2018 60.0 Put @ 2.88

#OTD in 1973 – Eight IRA members (six men, two women – sisters Marian and Dolours Price) are convicted of the London bombings in March 1973 which killed one person and injuring over 200.

Dolours Price and younger sibling Marian were part of a four-strong IRA unit which planted four car bombs outside the Old Bailey courthouse. Two detonated, causing massive damage and injuring more than 200 people, but no-one was killed directly. 364 more words

Irish History

Will Millennials be able to retire?

Bloomberg Gadfly created a great video showing a study by McKinsey and Company that Millennials may have a much tougher time accumulating savings for retirement than their parents.  56 more words

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