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Explaining Financial Lingo

Financial lingo can sometimes sound like a foreign language. What are indexed annuities? What is an amortization schedule? How ’bout a no-load fund? Well, if you sometimes hear financial terms and you don’t quite know what they all mean, don’t worry, you’re not alone. 296 more words

Thoughts From Howard

Today in Irish History – 24 October:

1642 – Irish Confederate rebels establish government in Kilkenny.

1789 – Work begins on the construction of the Royal Canal.

1842 – Death of Bernardo O’Higgins. 709 more words

Irish History

Investing In Mutual Funds

Did you know that ordinary income dividend distributions, capital gain distributions and realized gains from the sale of mutual funds are subject to income tax? This income is reported on your annual Form 1040 individual income tax return. 245 more words

Money Tips

Today in Irish History – 23 October:

1641 – Irish Catholic gentry from Ulster tried to seize control of Dublin Castle, the seat of English rule in Ireland, to force concessions to Catholics. 697 more words

Irish History

The Killing Of Marty

A hopefully disturbing to the reader one off piece.

The Killing Of Marty

Operation Marty Minus 3….

It was seriously heavier than he had imagined as he tried to hold the SP01 handgun in one hand and get his arm into the position to aim it. 2,405 more words

Mental Health

4 Ways to Quickly Capture Your Reader's Interest (as seen in "Ira")

I just watched this Markiplier let’s play of Ira (free to play demo, successfully Kickstarted, production ongoing), and I was absolutely floored by how the player is drawn into the story so artfully and completely.   380 more words

National Save for Retirement Week

The U.S. population is changing and so is retirement. Boomers are aging, traditional pensions are shifting to voluntary contribution plans, and Social Security faces important financial challenges. 334 more words