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Recent Purchase - BHP Billiton

Commodities are hitting all time lows right now and what does that mean for individual investors like you and me? Time to pool up some money and dive right into some investments. 558 more words


Home Storage IRA - The Three Step Setup Process - YouTube

Is the Home Storage Gold IRA Recognized by the IRS? Yes. With the Augusta Home Storage Gold IRA and all its advantages, you can still defer income taxes, rol…

Update: oil grosses ISIS $8-10m monthly

U.S. officials say new figures on oil revenues of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) are more accurate than previous estimates.  The new figures suggest ISIS receives about $100 million a year.  323 more words

News Commentary

Why I bought KMI last week, and why I might add some more this week.

Ok, sooner or later I am going to write about our investments.  We have a little bit of diversification between some Vangard funds, some actively managed mutual funds and some individual stocks. 915 more words


Call for investigation of NRA fraud, political misuse of donations

Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington requested the Internal Revenue Service open an examination into the finances of the National Rifle Association after the group failed to disclose more than $33.5 million it spent on political activity over six years.

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What else do the 'hooded men' want?

In the wake of the civil atrocities in ‘Our wee country’, a lot of people are not really after justice, but money, and notoriety. Or to do enough good that they can whitewash over their hateful crimes. 531 more words

4* - Camilo José Cela - La familia de Pascual Duarte


¡Pobre Pascual! ¿Qué hay detrás de la lotería que nos lanza a familias amorosas o en nidos desarticulados por la violencia y todas las pobrezas? 432 more words