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The Iranian presidential election on June 12, 2009 gave rise to protests, which were reported by many social networking websites in an effort to rally support and raise global awareness about the situation in Iran.  385 more words


Sick Iranians are struggling to get life-saving meds. US legislators plan to make it even harder

Not a month after a breakthrough in nuclear negotiations with Iran, US legislators are pushing for a fresh round of sanctions. The bill will punish Iran should it flout the nuclear agreement’s six-month deadline for  curbing uranium enrichment and allowing more inspections. 486 more words

Is the Twitter diplomacy of Iran's next president a clever ruse?

Someone is spoofing Iran’s supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, at this Twitter address, although his underlings do update the masses as to his doings here… 590 more words

Iranian Election Aftermath: A GIF Special

Hey Joonz,

Since I wrote the prediction for the election, Farrah joon and Shima joon thought I’d write something on the aftermath and I can’t turn down other joonz, you know that. 587 more words


Iranians Celebrate "Moderate" Rouhani's Presidential Victory

Pro-reform candidate Hassan Rouhani, who had been hailed as the most “moderate” of Iran’s candidates, has won the Presidential election, and will succeed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad as president.  94 more words


'Wave of Purple' Sweeps Iran: Thoughts on the Iranian Presidential Elections

For all who are not (yet) in the loop of all things Iranian – the nation held its presidential elections this Friday (June 14) and popular front-runner, moderate conservative cleric… 713 more words


Writing while sleeping

I was going to sleep when I found a little girl entered to the bedroom. She was around 2,5 years old. I said to myself “ohh whaat? 824 more words