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The Supreme Leader's Apprentice Is Running for President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s re-election is in doubt thanks to an unassuming cleric who only recently entered the public spotlight. On April 9, Ebrahim Raisi, a longtime behind-the-scenes operative of the Islamic Republic closely associated with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, declared his candidacy in Iran’s May 19 presidential election. 1,665 more words

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Rouhani Gets a Hard-line Challenger for Iranian Presidency

Hard-line Shiite cleric Ebrahim Raisi announced his bid for the Iranian presidency Sunday, emerging as a potentially serious challenger to the country’s current president, Hassan Rouhani. 513 more words

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IRGC Cultural Advisor: "Khamenei will ban Ahmadinejad from running in next Presidential election"

Source: Digarban

Speaking about the next Presidential election, Mehdi Fazaeli – cultural advisor of the Pasdaran – said that the Supreme Leader Khamenei will “clearly forbid” to Ahmadinejad to run again.