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Johnny Isakson's second ad focuses on bipartisan work to secure money for Iran hostages

U.S. Sen. Johnny Isakson is once again focusing on what he’s been able to accomplish on Capitol Hill by crossing the aisle in his second ad of the election cycle. 266 more words




(1980’s | athletese | “unwind,” “relax,” “take it easy”)

This word first came to our attention primarily as a result of the Iran hostage crisis, or rather its end in January 1981. 428 more words


Iran Payoff Earns More Disrespect

Iran Payoff Earns More Disrespect
by JBS President Emeritus John F. McManus

Last January, the Obama administration quietly airlifted $400 million in foreign currency to Iran. 822 more words

President Barack Obama

The Trilateral Commission

(Excerpted from Chapter 1: David Rockefeller & the Shah of Iran: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)

While people celebrated the Shah’s demise in Tehran, Zbigniew Brzezinski was on his way to Kuwait City for a meeting with Kuwaiti Emir Jaber al-Sabah, Saudi officials and Iraqi President Saddam Hussein. 1,261 more words

Dean Henderson

Donald Trump is the New Ronald Reagan

This many startle some Republicans but the similarities between President Reagan and Donald Trump are quite clear. 249 more words


Jun-16: Soweto and Thank You, Eh!

Soweto and Thank You, Eh!

Today is the 40th anniversary of the Soweto Uprising that may have signaled the beginning of the end of apartheid in South Africa.   261 more words


Lost and Found - April 24th Edition

What to remember about April 24th…

  • 1781  British General Benedict Arnold leads attack on Virginia militia near Petersburg; traitor Arnold was once an American General…
  • 172 more words