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"This Whole Debate Is A Charade": Let’s Stop Pretending Republicans Have A Serious Critique Of The Iran Deal

Secretary of State John Kerry went to Capitol Hill today to testify before the Senate Armed Services Committee about the deal to restrain Iran’s nuclear program. 857 more words


With the lifting of sanctions, Iran’s neighbors will also benefit

Since the nuclear agreement, a positive atmosphere has developed in the region. After years of tension with European nations and a cut in diplomatic engagement with America, much can be learned from this new chapter in Iran’s relations with the world. 405 more words


Kerry Admits Iran Leader’s Speech Was ‘Very Disturbing’


While Gabriel was in Iran, Khamenei held a pretty disturbing speech. More water on the mills of German Sigmar Gabriel deniers, who made himself a fool with displaced remarks about Greece. 68 more words


President Obama Is Wrong — The Iran Deal Is Transformational

The president of the United States has argued that the Iran nuclear deal, which will almost certainly become the centerpiece of his foreign-policy legacy, is not transformational. 2,071 more words


U.N. to Iran: Welcome Back

Iran is about to get out of the United Nations doghouse.

For nine years, Tehran has been an international pariah, the target of wide-ranging sanctions imposed in response to its flagrant and routine violations of U.N. 1,583 more words

Obama Administration

I Had a Bad Dream the Other Night

I saw enormous Arctic wastes melting into dirty slush, through which disconsolate white bears shuffled, trying to understand this apocalypse. I saw drilling towers, and oil spills floating on the sea. 564 more words


It Just Got Easier for Iran to Fund Terrorism

Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, did not enter into Tuesday’s historic deal with six world powers to reset relations with the West. It was the promise of more than $100 billion in sanctions relief, rather, that greased the wheels of the recently completed diplomacy in Vienna. 1,459 more words