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Trump Should Block Iran's Air Corridor to Syria

Last month, an Iranian drone reportedly violated Israeli airspace after taking off from a base in Syria. Israel shot it down and then launched a wave of retaliatory strikes against both Iranian installations in Syria and Syria’s own air defenses. 1,533 more words

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Europe’s Sanctions-Blocking Threats Are Empty

A European Union official’s threat this month that Europe would block any attempt by the United States to reimpose sanctions on Iran showed a new level of desperation to deter President Donald Trump from leaving the Iran nuclear deal in May. 780 more words

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Here's Where Advocates and Critics of the Iran Nuke Deal Can Agree

President Donald Trump’s threat that the United States could withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement unless it is strengthened has alarmed the accord’s advocates. Yet the danger to the deal is not new — the seeds of its possible demise were sown in 2014 and 2015, during its negotiation in Europe and the attendant debate in Washington. 1,825 more words

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Here's How the U.S. and EU Can Thwart Iranian Missile Programs

In a last-ditch attempt to prevent President Donald Trump from exiting the Iran nuclear deal, European leaders have finally promised to work with the United States to address Iran’s ballistic missile program. 895 more words

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Europe Must Fight to Preserve the Iran Deal

The last time Europe was tested so heavily by a U.S. president was prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Ever since, members of the European foreign-policy elite have questioned whether the continent failed to adequately push back against this disastrous decision, which proved so costly for European interests.  1,653 more words


Modi and Bibi Are Brothers in Arms

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a historic visit to India last week — only the second time an Israeli prime minister has come to the country. 1,351 more words


U.S. Government Faces Critical ‘Brain Drain’ of Sanctions Experts

In his first year in office, President Donald Trump has repeatedly promoted international sanctions as a powerful tool to compel countries such as Iran and North Korea to yield to Washington’s demands. 2,058 more words