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Jeanine Pirro: America Needs To Stop Sleeping With the Enemy ((Video)

On Saturday night’s Justice,  Judge Jeanine used the phrase “sleeping with the enemy” to describe the creepy, cozy relationship between Obama Regime and the Iranian Regime. 391 more words


Chaos in Yemen and Iran's nuclear agreement

Churchill famously once said – ‘It is better to jaw-jaw than to war-war’. While the jaw-jaw-ing is happening at Lausanne between the G5+1 and Iran over a nuclear agreement, the Saudi’s have been busy sending their tanks and armed forces to combat the Houthi insurgency in Yemen. 928 more words

Darshan Yadunath

NBC's Engel: Officials Say Allies: Simply Don't Trust" U.S. Under Obama Admin


Our former Ambassador to Iraq says our Middle East policy “is in God damn free fall”

Should Israel trust us?  Maybe to interfere in their elections. 79 more words


El estrecho de Bab Al Mandeb y la escalada del conflicto en Yemen

El estrecho de Bab Al Mandeb, que recibe su nombre de una vieja leyenda árabe, es un enlace estratégico que conecta el Océano Índico y el Mar Mediterráneo, a través del mar Rojo y el canal de Suez, uniendo la Península Arábiga con el Cuerno Africano. 3,072 more words


Hezbollah: A Profile

Hezbollah is a radical Shiite Islamist terror group that formed in Lebanon and became a political, social, and military force. Hezbollah, designated a terrorist group by the United States State Department in October of 1997, is responsible for terror attacks against the West and Israel going back to the nineteen eighties, and continuing into the twenty-first century. 2,191 more words