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ANALYSIS: How to cripple the Iranian regime and help its people

Al Arabiya

The US administration taking significant measures to re-impose sanctions on Iran’s regime aims to reach a variety of objectives. Crippling sanctions are being implemented on Tehran and there are methods to pinpoint these efforts against the regime and in fact support the Iranian people’s strive for freedom and democracy. 785 more words


israel is not just getting the US to do its bidding in Syria, but also using Syria as a stepping stone to Iran itself

Whose Wars?

“A perfectly executed strike,” President Donald Trump tweeted Saturday, April 14, 2018, in the aftermath of his second decision in two years to fire missiles against Syria. 1,552 more words


What you should know about Iranian annual gathering in Paris. This year, on June 30.

In early 2018, nationwide protests in Iran in over 140 cities rocked the nation, shaking the ruling dictatorship to its core, and taking the world by storm. 695 more words


Scapegoating Iran, by Chris Hedges

“The failed policies, or lack of policies, of the United States, which violate international law, have left the Middle East in total chaos,” the Iranian ambassador to the United Nations, Gholamali Khoshroo, told me when we met in New York City. 2,840 more words


Saudi-led coalition conducts airstrikes on Yemen's crucial Hodeidah airport

Houthi forces fought to keep control of the airport in Yemen‘s main port city of Hodeidah on Sunday as Saudi-led coalition air strikes struck the compound, in an offensive that could be a turning point in the three-year conflict. 753 more words