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The Oversupply Of Oil Means Ports Are Swamped With Oil Tankers

By David Haggith – Re-Blogged From http://www.Silver-Phoenix500.com

This picture of one port tells a major story: Tankers are running circles around the Chinese port of Qingdao. 1,354 more words

GDP & Employment

I don’t know why

People say horses are gentle,

And doves are beautiful,

And no one has vultures at home instead?

I don’t know why

The bud of a clover… 139 more words


Modi's best men will over see implementation of Chabahar project

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced after signing Chabahar port deal with Iran that history had been created. For India this is a very crucial project as it opens up a route to Afghanistan. 73 more words

Vicky Nanjappa

Democracy in the Middle East

It is not surprising that this year – the 100th anniversary year of the Sykes-Picot agreement – has hardly been celebrated. The prospects for peace, let alone democracy, seem not only bleak but positively negated by the influence of the regions twin peaks, Iraq and Iran. 286 more words

America's Iran Policy

There is no argument about the Obama’s foreign policy that has not been leading anywhere but nowhere. Nonetheless when it comes to Iran, history shows this matter is apart from any presidency decision at a time, rather it is embedded within the long term policy of the U.S. 448 more words

History: Persepolis and Shiraz

This post is part of series documenting travel in Myanmar, Cuba and Iran: Introduction.

August 2015

Minibus is nearing Marvdasht, a small town near the historic park of Persepolis. 322 more words