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Happy JCPOAnniversary

It’s been one year since the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which limits Iran’s nuclear program in return for international sanctions relief, was signed in Vienna. 1,862 more words


Rouhani's toughest opponent?

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani is, as you know, up for reelection next year. There are many reasons to think that, barring some unforeseen security and/or economic crisis between now and the election, Rouhani shouldn’t have a particularly difficult time winning another term. 1,202 more words


Not an overnight change

There’s been a little recent fallout from Iran’s Majles/Assembly of Experts elections, and it hasn’t looked great for Iranian moderates despite their significant electoral successes. 647 more words


Everything's coming up Rouhani...for now

Forgive me for being a couple of weeks behind on this story, but Iran held the second round of its parliamentary election on April 29. This was a runoff round for 68 seats for which no candidate was able to get at least 25% in the first round, held on February 26. 1,569 more words


Azer: On Mother's Day, Mr. Trudeau, please help me get my kids back

When my oldest child, Sharvahn, was five, she used her allowance to buy me a Hallmark Mother’s Day card. As I waited outside the store, she chose a card festooned with purple flowers. 645 more words


Catching up: Iran

After a much-needed break, I’m going to try to get back to some regular blogging. But in order to do that, I’ve got to make some sense of what’s been going on while I’ve been away–for my own sake far more than for yours. 2,175 more words


Glavin: Canada's outrageous Iran complex

In the matter of respectable opinion on the subject of last weekend’s sham elections in Iran, a new kind of Canadian consensus can be discerned from the headlines. 1,218 more words