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Moshe Ya'alon: Israel's case against the nuclear deal with Iran

The framework concluded last week on Iran’s nuclear program was doomed to disagreement. Even the “fact sheets” issued by the United States, France and Iran — all parties to the talks — didn’t agree on the facts. 928 more words

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Obama admits 13 years from now Iran could build a bomb right away. Republicans livid

WASHINGTON — Iran could have the capabilities to build a nuclear bomb almost immediately after the first 13 years of the emerging nuclear deal, President Barack Obama acknowledged on Tuesday. 746 more words


Kelly McParland: Would you buy a used nuclear pact from Iran?

It is impossible to know for certain whether the draft deal reached between Washington and Iran would in fact restrain Iran’s nuclear ambitions. Few details are known, and many have yet even to be agreed upon. 875 more words

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Josh Rogin: An Obama deal with Iran could die with his days in office

With the White House reportedly trying to negotiate a 10- or 15-year deal on Iran’s nuclear program, Republican leaders in Congress are threatening to unravel the agreement much sooner — during President Barack Obama’s final months or soon after he leaves office. 1,202 more words


The Wisdom of Sholeh Wolpe'

This Wednesday February 4, Georgia Southern University and the Writing & Linguistics Department enjoyed a rare treat: a reading, workshop and q&a with poet, writer, and translator Sholeh Wolpe. 218 more words

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Jackson Diehl: Democrat rift widens over Obama foreign policy

For more than two years, a breach has been opening between President Obama and the foreign policy establishment of the Democratic Party. Last week, as Russia pressed a new offensive in Ukraine and the Senate debated sanctions on Iran, it cracked open a little wider. 756 more words

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