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After Tehran: A Life Reclaimed by Marina Nemat (69)

This book is a story of redemption after her previous book Prisoner of Tehran. In this book, Nemat provides the reader with a riveting account of her escape from Iran and her journey to Canada, via Hungry, with her new husband and infant son. 165 more words

Author From Ontario

Prisoner of Tehran by Marina Nemat (68)

This is a stunningly sad book. As I read the first few chapters, I couldn’t help but wonder why is it that we still tolerate such violence and suffering for Iranian women.  263 more words

Author From Southwestern Ontario

5 Books by Iranian Women You Should Start Reading Now

President Trump’s failure to recertify the Iran nuclear deal has prompted a wave of Western media coverage—from the dangers of a “rogue Iran” to how further American provocation could lead to increased Iranian… 699 more words


What Iranian women have to deal with in my country. This makes me feel disgusted. (Part 1/2)

Image copyright MY STEALTHY FREEDOMImage captionWomen are wearing white and discarding headscarves in protest against Iran’s dress code

A new social media campaign against a law which forces women to wear a headscarf is gaining momentum in Iran. 769 more words

So what about that headscarf?

This is probably the very first question asked by many non-Iranians I’ve met, right after they’ve found out that I’m an Iranian girl: “So you have to cover all your body, right?” 267 more words

Nowruz by Jamileh Kharrazi جمیله خرازی

برایت سال خوشحالی، که باشد حال تو عالی

برایت تخمه و فندق، طلا و نقره در صندوق
برایت پسته ها در باز، برایت خانه ای دلباز
برایت ماهی و سبزه، کبابی خوب خوشمزه
برایت پرتغال و سیب، تراول های نو در جیب
برایت اجیل و بادام، برایت خاطری آرام
برایت بهترین همسر، که بگذارد تو را بر سر
برایت ده پسر دختر، یکی از دیگری بهتر
برایت بالشی از پر، برایت کیسه های زر
برایت عطر و بوی مشک، سه گونی اسکناس خشک
برایت شربتی از قند، همیشه بر لبت لبخند
برایت کار و بار جور، خبر های خوشی از دور
در آخر صد سفر پرواز کنی سال خوشی آغاز
سال نو مبارك

جمیله خرازی


Work the System or this means Nothing

In 1979 over 100,000 women took to the streets in Iran, protesting being forced to wear a headscarf. Yes, my friends, Iran was once an up and coming secular civilization. 248 more words