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IDF Waiting and Ready to Strike Iran, Security Official Reveals - Israel News

he IDF is more ready than ever to strike Iran’s nuclear facilities, a high-ranking Israeli security official revealed to Walla! news on Monday.

The unnamed senior official stated indicated that the military has been preparing for several years for the possibility of a strike.

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Iran Presents Its New Ballistic Missile - Israel News

 “Iran presented its new surface-to-surface, short-range ballistic missile on Iran’s Defense Industry Day, claiming a 500 kilometer range and pinpoint accuracy. Iran’s missile program is one of the largest in the Mid-East and though certain aspects of it are limited by the agreement with the P5+1 powers pertaining to 

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Snack-Pack Inspections

A Satire

Scene: A conference room with dozens of politicians, including the senior members of the P5+1 team and Iran, negotiating terms to the comprehensive nuclear agreement. 591 more words


Congress should Vote on the Deal, not on the Disappointment nor on the President

The long saga of global bodies negotiating over Iran’s nuclear program ended a significant phase on July 14, 2015, when the parties concluded a Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action… 1,053 more words

Middle East Analysis

Some Global Supporters of the P5+1 Iran Deal

Obama’s bright white lie on his red line.

US President Obama gave a speech about the broad support the Iranian deal enjoys: “because this is such a strong deal, … 679 more words

Middle East Analysis

The Obama Administration Lays Foundation of Blame at Israel for a Potential War with Iran

President Obama has not only begun to lobby aggressively to win support for the P5+1 deal on the Iranian nuclear program, he has begun to lay the foundation of blame for a potential war squarely on Israel. 808 more words


France Eager For Business Deals In Iran: Fabius, visiting Tehran, invites Rouhani to France


French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius delivers a speech at the opening of an informal ministerial meeting to prepare the COP21 summit in Paris, France, July 20, 2015.  375 more words