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Tom Engelhardt: War Addicts, Inc.

Making Sense of the Age of Carnage:

My first question is simple enough: After 18-plus years of our forever wars, where are all the questions? 2,461 more words

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Iraq war veteran rips off his medals and exposes war crimes committed by American soldiers

Former Marine exposes the brutal war crimes committed against innocent people in Iraq.

Powerful! Please share. @georgegalloway https://t.co/qCyKz0RRCl

— Ann Bywater (@annbywater) February 12, 2020


An Inconvenient Death by Miles Goslett (a review)

Those of us old to remember the build up to the ill conceived Iraq war are familiar with the name Dr David Kelly.

At the time of his death, 45 minute warnings, talk of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) and photographs filled the media supposedly showing large missiles on lorries, ready to be blasted at Saddam Hussein’s enemies, us, the UK or the U.S. 225 more words


Riding w/ Strangers #3: Another Child Soldier

It was my second cross-country train ride. First a section of the “Blue Water” route from Flint, Michigan to Chicago. From Chicago, it’s the jingoistically named “Empire Builder,” cutting through the lands of the Ojibwa, Lakota, Blackfeet and Salish. 539 more words


'Black Widow' Trailer Takes Over Super Bowl

The origin story of “Black Widow” was teased during the Super Bowl.

Scarlett Johansson’s Natasha Romanoff a.k.a Black Widow might have died at the end of “Avengers: Endgame” but fans can now learn of how the superhero came to be. 106 more words


We knew Senator Robert Byrd of West Virginia. Senator Joe Manchin, you are no Robert Byrd.

What is happening to this country? When did we become a nation which ignores and berates our friends? When did we decide to risk undermining international order by adopting a radical and doctrinaire approach to using our awesome military might? 1,016 more words