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The Best anti-war Metal Songs

Heavy Metal music has been used for torturing prisoners in Iraq, Yemen and in the Guantanamo Bay. This technique of torturing inmates, who allegedly have ties to terrorist organisations, is not a new phenomena. 2,116 more words


What ISIS did to Islam, and without vigilance it will happens again

Now don’t scroll down if you fear symbols.

If you ask yourself, how can we create fear to the extent that armies run? Very few could come up with a easy answer. 379 more words


WMDs humor 

Q: What’s the difference between Albert Wesker and Saddam Hussein?

A: Saddam Hussein didn’t have any Weapons of Mass Destruction!


U.S. Denies Loosening Rules for Avoiding Civilian Casualties in Iraq

(BAGHDAD) — U.S. airstrikes probably played a role in the deaths of dozens of civilians in Mosul earlier this month, U.S. and Iraqi military officials acknowledged Tuesday, but they denied the rules for avoiding civilian casualties have been loosened despite a recent spike in civilian casualties. 908 more words

Russia 2018 WCQ Match Review: Saudi Arabia 1-0 Iraq

The lingering hopes of the most optimistic Iraqi fans were finally put to bed as Iraq’s World Cup qualification campaign for Russia 2018 came crushing down against bitter foes Saudi Arabia. 994 more words


Short news about: Daesh

Daesh tries to survive through forming new groups. “Salman al-Farisi” is one of them aiming for Iran. 200 children have been kidnapped in west of Mosul to pose shield to the Daesh fighters. 141 more words