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Blair and his opinions are toxic; he should be ignored. Personally I think he's nuts and has been for decades

Blair and his opinions are toxic; he should be ignored

Since he stepped down as Britain’s Prime Minister in 2007, Tony Blair has made a number of public interventions in support of military action in the Middle East. 1,634 more words


Marines and heavy military equipment deployed by U.S. in North-East Syria ~ [Eng-Esp]

Syrian Free Press

The U.S. government , now that the Russian Air Force, the Syrian Army and its allies are at the gates of Raqqa, shows off the muscles to support some of the Kurdish factions to consolidate a territorial division of the future Syria…already planned a long time ago…

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Losing my faith

Growing up I always knew that being a good person and accepting God into my life would get me into heaven.  It seemed that all I needed to do was be a good person and when I died I would go to heaven. 730 more words


Memorial Day: Remembering the Ugly

Do you remember your history concerning the 1960’s and 70’s? Flower children. Sit-ins. Protests against the war. The “conflict” that was Vietnam.
My little Lutheran college was not immune. 370 more words


The Assyrian Treasure

Now, I know you’re used to seeing me write about Mesopotamian history and culture but I promise this isn’t another essay about some ancient artifacts or traditions. 1,787 more words


America’s Worst Laid Plans

By Michael Brenner | Consortium News | May 27, 2016

The United States has been pursuing an audacious project to fashion a global system according to its specifications and under its tutelage since the Cold War’s end.

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United States

How much will $15 billion IMF loan really cost Iraq? -Al Monitor

With everyone’s focus on ISIS, little attention is paid the other dimensions of Iraqi politics in the Western press. Between the struggle with ISIS, low oil prices and rampant corruption, Iraq is facing a financial crisis. 275 more words