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Canada’s move to stay in the Iraq/Syria air campaign – providing needed refuelling and ISR capability to the coalition

I had an article in Friday’s Citizen about the Canadian government considering keeping a military refuelling aircraft and Aurora surveillance planes overseas and allowing them to continue taking part in the war against the Islamic State. 388 more words

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Plans revealed for the world’s tallest building in Iraq


A twisting skyscraper that towers over the Basra province in Iraq could become the world’s tallest building, if the plans come to fruition.

AMBS Architects, which was founded by Iraqi architect Ali Mousawi, have designed a 230-storey building as part of a new masterplan for the city. 348 more words

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Cameron and Hollande: Opportunism after the Paris attacks?

The other morning, I was watching the memorial service for the victims of the Paris attacks two weeks ago. It was really moving, especially when they showed a series of photographs of the people who had been killed, with captions that stated their name, age, where they were from, and where they died. 884 more words

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Why Iraq is Still So Important

So, why did the United States decide to invade Iraq in 2003? There may have been some sinister or stupid reasons for the war, as an overwhelming majority of Americans believe there were, but there were also strategic motivations behind it, which are almost never acknowledged. 2,003 more words

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"Iraqis and Iraqis Only Will Own This Land"

Iraq doesn’t belong to IS, Iraq never did. Don’t get fooled by the news.

If you follow anti-IS activists online you see plenty of resistance everyday, resistance that rarely make headlines in the Western news. 73 more words

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This is the entire GOP plan: Credibility destroyed after Bush debacle, their only strategy is to scare us

(Credit: Zdorov Kirill Vladimirovich via Shutterstock)


Under the presidency of George W. Bush, the so-called “Daddy Party” failed spectacularly on all major adult-male-gender-stereotyped fronts. 3,659 more words

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