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Renowned U.S. Arabist Is Second Witness to Refuse to Appear With MEK Leader

A House counterterrorism panel is pushing ahead with a hearing on the Islamic State — even though two of its top witnesses are refusing to testify alongside the leader of a controversial Iranian dissidents group that was itself regarded as a terrorist organization as recently as 2012. 555 more words

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Well, a big hello again to all you crazy people, who once followed the daily run up to the wedding of the year…and yes, believe it or not, we are still married and still living in the same house..(those of you that know us, know that is a massive milestone in itself…please note I haven’t mentioned the bedroom…yet!) 285 more words


Plus some things I still don’t know and would like to get some answers to

— When the damned car bombings will end in Baghdad.

— Whether President Obama is the most anti-media president in recent memory because the media has gotten so damned ugly. 49 more words

Best Defense

Too many choices...

I just purchased these books and they pretty much arrived at the same time and I had to decide – what do I read first??? 127 more words

Surviving Vietnam Vets straining the VA system

The struggles veterans face in accessing healthcare are a harbinger for all American medicine, and the problem won’t be resolved without adequate funding, said Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert McDonald.

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Interdisciplinary texts

You will review texts related to topics studied in other classes.

After reviewing the texts, you will sit in a circle with classmates, where you will ask and answer questions, think critically and offer opinions. 454 more words

10th And 11th Grades

Neocon Failure In Iraq and Beyond

TheLip TV, Apr 2015

The Iraq War has roved to be a monumental blunder of neocon politics, but was it waged over oil or for another motivation? 13 more words

War On Terror