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Grim Reapers

Sky News has a report on Launch & Recovery crews responsible for US/UK drone operations against IS in Iraq and Syria based “somewhere in the Middle East”. 466 more words


'All they leave is rubble': The cost of driving ISIL out of Ramadi has been the city itself

RAMADI, Iraq — This is what victory looks like in the Iraqi city of Ramadi: In the once thriving Haji Ziad Square, not a single structure still stands. 2,036 more words


Do ISIS Hostilities Against Yazidis in Iraq Constitute Crimes Against Humanity?

Ever since IS gained control over Sinjar mountains, a region in north-west  Iraq that is dominated by Yazidis in August 14, and the Yazidi minority group have been abducted in hundreds and possibly thousands. 1,012 more words

International Humanitarian Law

Genocide is being committed in the Middle East. Why has Britain not acknowledged it?

Featured image: Raqqa, Syria. (Reuters/Stringer)

Is a genocide occurring in territories controlled by ISIS? The answer seems to be emphatically, categorically – yes. Minorities in Syria and Iraq, of which there are many, have been threatened on all sides by the rise of Islamist extremists.  1,070 more words

US Army Captain Files Lawsuit Against Obama Over ‘Illegal’ War in Iraq and Syria

(MINTPRESSMost Americans don’t even know how many countries their government is currently bombing (it was at least seven by 2014). Obama dropped 23,144 bombs in Middle Eastern countries in 2015 alone. 79 more words

SAS snatches Mosul ISIS leaders in Iraq lightning raids

Published time: 6 May, 2016 15:29

© Jason Reed / Reuters

British special forces under US command have reportedly captured three mid-ranking Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terror chiefs in lightning raids in IS-held northern Iraq. 294 more words