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Agencies prepare for onslaught of need for humanitarian aid when Mosul is freed

As the military campaign to re-take Iraq’s second largest city from the Islamic State group continues, Catholic Relief Services has already begun serving people fleeing from a nearby city that has been liberated. 513 more words


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U.S. Says Coalition is Laying the Groundwork to Retake Raqqa From ISIS

(PARIS) — Even as it provides support for Iraq’s battle to retake Mosul, the U.S. led-coalition is laying the groundwork to push Islamic State militants out of the Syrian city of Raqqa, U.S. 625 more words

Muslims, don't let them make you forget...

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Yes, that non-Muslim man is charitable, but don’t let them make you forget Abu Bakr as-Siddiq رضي الله عنه

The woman whom you thought to be one of the best professors at university may as well be extremely knowledgeable, but don’t let them make you forget our Prophet’s… 300 more words


Ofra Bengio At The American Interest: The Kurds' Proxy Trap

Full piece here.

‘Looking back, the Kurds’ experience with proxy wars has been rewarding in the short term but mostly disastrous in the long term.

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US eyes 'IS' stronghold Raqqa amid Mosul offensive

As the “Islamic State” militant group faces expulsion from Mosul, a retreat to Raqqa could be in jeopardy. Campaigns against the two cities are likely to overlap, US officials said. 557 more words

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