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Jack Harris & Larry Neville Live Webinar

Please register for Jack Harris & Larry Neville on Feb 16, 2016 7:00 PM PST at:


Jack Harris and Larry Neville talk about Iraq, Kurdistan, the Refugee Crisis in Europe and what Praise Chapel is doing.

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Officials warned Liberals that aiding Kurds may contribute to instability in Iraq

OTTAWA — Federal officials warned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau late last year that Canada may be contributing to long-term instability in Iraq by training and equipping Kurdish forces whose ultimate goal is to create an independent state. 830 more words


Trump Skipped Vietnam. That Didn't Stop These Vets From Voting for Him in New Hampshire

LONDONDERRY, N.H. — Bombastic businessman Donald Trump, who avoided serving in Vietnam and frequently seems lost talking about national security, just got two votes from a pair of Vietnam veterans who say national security chops is one of their most important considerations when evaluating a potential commander-in-chief. 819 more words

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Canada to remove fighter jets by February 22nd #cdnpoli

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the Canadian fighter jets will conclude their bombing mission in Iraq and Syria by February 22nd. Canada’s participation in the fight against ISIS will evolve in to a mission focused on training local security forces and rebuilding the region. 211 more words

Michael Den Tandt: For better or worse, Trudeau will wear this revamped war in Iraq

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s revamped military mission in Iraq — because he wears it now, for good or ill — is neither cowardly appeasement, as the Conservatives allege, or a perilous escalation, as New Democrats would have you believe. 830 more words


MoD release more targeting footage of RAF strikes against Daesh

The MoD released two more videos on their official YouTube channel today of strikes RAF jets have carried out against Daesh-ISIS (Islamic State/ISIL).