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In Iraq, minorities pin hopes on a Kurdish state

Iraqi minorities have been voting for an independent Kurdish state in a bid for stability and peace. A Kurdish passport and nationality could improve their situation, they believe. 1,455 more words

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Kurds Threatened After Holding Referendum Vote

Reuters news agency reports that Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi gave the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) three days to hand over control of its airports in order to avoid an international air embargo. 111 more words

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Why the Kurds are Seeking Independence from Iraq

On 10 April 2003, I was driving on a road west of Kirkuk, waiting for the city to be captured by the Kurdish Peshmerga and worried that we might arrive there before the… 1,143 more words


Turkey and Iran Conduct Massive Military Drills Near Kurdish Regions of Iraq

Today, Iraqi Kurds will vote in a long awaited and widely condemned separatism referendum that is being boycotting by Arabs and Turkomen.

The referendum which has been condemned by all regional powers except for Israel as well as condemned by the UN, US, China and Russia, has already caused both Iran and Turkey to effectively shut down Iraqi airspace for all commercial flights over the region. 223 more words


Is the Kurdish Referendum a Bluff or the Real Deal

The countdown to the Iraqi Kurdish referendum has begun and the battle lines are drawn. Barzani Is pushing full steam ahead, stating that he sees no other option. 1,654 more words


Tuesday 26 September, 2017 Update: Kurdish Referendum Sparks Concern and Fears

On Monday, Iraqi Kurds voted in a referendum on an independent Kurdish state. The official results will not be revealed until later in the week, but a vote in favor of independence is expected. 307 more words

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