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Scholars, Artists Protest Dr. Saad Eskander's Forced Departure from Iraq's National Library

It was an interview on BBC radio with Dr. Eskander that first inspired me to become involved with “Al-Mutanabbi Street Starts Here”, a movement that has become such an important part of my life. 29 more words

Al-Mutanabbi Street

US invasion of Iraq was ‘genocidal war’

US invasion of Iraq was ‘genocidal war’

The US invasion of Iraq was a “genocidal war” and a”crime against humanity” perpetrated by the administration of George W. 340 more words


Four Police Officers Killed In Turkey Bomb Attack

At least four Turkish police officers have been killed, following a bomb attack, purportedly carried out by Kurdish militants, hit the vehicle they were travelling in, in southeastern Turkey. 185 more words


The Sultan's Seal on Sargon Boulous

The Sultan’s Seal blog has an interesting essay discussing the life and work of the Iraqi poet Sargon Boulos, whose poems I have loved (whenever I can get my hands on a translation). 81 more words


A Plan to end the World Refugee Crisis – PHICS and beyond

While many parts of the world live in peace, there are countries suffering from turmoil and war for prolonged periods, in the worst cases such as in Syria and Iraq, huge numbers of humans including the old, women and children are compelled to leave their homes and flee either within their own countries or to other countries. 690 more words