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Do you Fear Your God?

We do so many little things daily without even thinking. These habits become a part of our daily routine. Brushing our teeth, eating breakfast, taking breath. 1,059 more words


Turkey's president loses favor in a parliamentary election, and so decides to just run another one

How can an autocratically-minded president regain his fortunes if he loses his parliamentary majority? The answer, apparently, is to stir up a war, tie up politics in knots, and then swoop back in to fix things. 579 more words

These female Kurdish soldiers wear their femininity with pride

Beritan, 30, likes to wear her hair in a bun with blue pins to hold her tight black curls. Lilav, 19, prefers an elaborate braid that starts from the top of her head. 480 more words

The Humans Behind the Humanitarian Crisis in Iraq

“I’ve been working with EMERGENCY for nearly three years now, formerly as a logistician for our program in Afghanistan. Last April I came to… 380 more words

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