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Iraqi Kurdistan: the perspective of an American diplomat

Note: this blogpost has originally been published on July 2nd, 2017.

The views expressed by Peter Galbraith do not represent my own. The reason I publish his speech, given in Paris in June 2017, is to give a perspective of a formerly very influential diplomat, which I believe are important to understand… 2,075 more words


Capturing the Beauty of Springtime in Iraqi Kurdistan

For three years, photographer Erin Trieb has been covering the conflict against ISIS in northern Iraq. She followed Kurdish women fighters and shadowed some of the 5,000 U.S. 424 more words

Kurdistan Independence Referendum and Why It Matters so Much in the Fight Against Radical Islam

Clarion Project, by Jennifer Breedon, April 19, 2017:

The recent rejuvenated referendum on Kurdistan Independence will likely draw a few questions from people. Namely (1) What does “Statehood” mean and what is required to gain it? 1,143 more words

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Having Kittens

Who let the cat in?!!
No no! – She has to go outside, she’s having kittens. She’s bled all over Meethak’s foot already… 756 more words

Iraqi Kurdistan

Thirsting for Dangerous Memory, a Good Friday Sermon

I was invited to be one of the preachers for the Last Seven Words Service at Church on the Hill AME Zion Church, NYC. I took the fifth phrase: “I am thirsty.”  946 more words


3000 Words And No Pictures About A Visa Run Between Iraq And Turkey...

Driving across the Nineveh Plain on the first sunny day in weeks. Emerald green everywhere, like drinking a colour. There’s still snow on the mountain tops fringing this huge expanse of low flat. 3,190 more words

Iraqi Kurdistan

The marginalization of rural areas: same story across the globe?

Some time ago I came across this video showing how international oil companies in Iraqi Kurdistan take over land that belongs to farmers without properly compensating them, or giving them a choice to say no. 490 more words

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