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The marginalization of rural areas: same story across the globe?

Some time ago I came across this video showing how international oil companies in Iraqi Kurdistan take over land that belongs to farmers without properly compensating them, or giving them a choice to say no. 490 more words

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The good Aussies flying to conflict zones

(Photo: Christmas day in Ainkawa IDP camp with friends and colleagues, December 2016)

The Point Magazine, February, 2017: We have all read the stories about Australians traveling abroad to conflict zones to join terrorist groups like ISIS. 47 more words


Getting To Know Iraqi Kurdistan

Driving down the (fully paved, two lane) road between Erbil and Sulaymaniyah, 4 turkies and a rooster in the boot and Ed Sheeran on the sound system, the mountains growing in both height and craggyness the further we go and the rain getting harder and harder, it’s difficult to remember I’m in Iraq. 522 more words

Iraqi Kurdistan

The King Of The Generators

I met The King Of The Generators yesterday. By accident. I was taking pictures of some jigsaw pieces scattered in the dust, when a very well dressed man, followed by his wife and child came and observed. 534 more words

Iraqi Kurdistan

Kurdish Journalist Killed In Iraq

A prominent female Kurdish journalist has been killed, while reporting on the ongoing offensive in the Iraqi city of Mosul. 71 more words


We Will Understand Only What We Are Shown

Fed up of stagnating in the Uk, but still not at a significant enough stage of financial ruin or attrition of principles to compromise all the way to a corporate role, I needed a plan. 955 more words

Iraqi Kurdistan

Iraqi Kurd Fashion Club Displaying Minds of Independence

In lockstep with prophecy mentioned in God’s Holy Word in the book of Isaiah, the Kurdish people in Iraq (Medes) are showing a spirit of independence that is not noticeably displayed by the other peoples of the war torn region. 127 more words

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