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401(k) Plans

IRS Site: 401(k) Plans

These employer sponsored plans account for the majority of people’s retirement planning.  Most people approach this by deferring a percentage of their salary each paycheck into an account they can barely decipher.   232 more words


Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts

Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts are accounts that IRS rules allow for a certain advantages when an individual sets up and makes contributions to a retirement account. 85 more words


Pretax vs. After-Tax Investment Dollars

Most people have access to a few different types of Tax-Advantaged Retirement Accounts. We will get to the types of individual retirement accounts in a moment. 659 more words


What happens if you are 70 ½ and you have an IRA and a 403(b)?

RMDs, or Required Minimum Distributions have to be taken after you become 70 ½ if you have a retirement account such as an IRA or 401(k).    188 more words


What are the Different Types of IRAs?

IRAs are Individual Retirement Arrangements. These tax-advantaged accounts are used by many people to save for retirement and they have substantial benefits for those who wish to invest for the future. 50 more words

Gyermekkori emlékem

Day 4

A negyedik nap már most megizzasztott, pedig még el sem kezdtem. Tény, hogy könnyebben eszébe jut az embernek egy gyermekkori emlék, ha nem kell sehova. 614 more words

Introduction - bekezdés 

Day 1

Mint ahogy azt a tegnapi posztban megemlítettem, elkezdek egy 31 napos kihívást a blogra, ami annyiból áll, hogy minden nap posztolok arról a témáról, ami meg van adva. 248 more words