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Ez a két dolog mindig is közel állt a szívemhez. Már akkor imádtam lapozgatni a könyveket, amikor még olvasni sem tudtam. És nem csak mesekönyveket! Már egészen kicsi koromban lenyűgözött az, hogy mennyi szép, sorokba rendezett szócska található egy-egy oldalon. 1,443 more words


China, The World Have To Move Past Black Monday -- biggest one-day nosedive in eight years

By Drew Harwell
The Washington Post
August 24, 2015

People watch trading boards at a private stock market gallery in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Monday, Aug. 817 more words

Tax Tips for Seniors: How to Avoid Costly Mistakes

As the April 15 deadline approaches, following the IRS rules for gifting, transfers to trusts, IRAs, etc. is important but may have serious unintended consequences should you need long term care and Medicaid benefits.  593 more words

Finance Magazine of Dhammas IRAs Rollovers Explained

Why Finance Is The Only Skill You Really Need in 2015. Cracking The Finance Code
Cracking The Finance Secret

Investing in Home Storage IRAs - Benefits Many investors who know,,,

Investing in Home Storage IRAs – Can I personally hold the gold in my IRA? YES you can… read more at: http://buff.ly/1JjHEn4

10 Big Retirement Blunders

Today’s 65-year-olds can expect to spend about 20 years in retirement should they quit their jobs right now. However, the Social Security Administration reports that one quarter of those who are age 65 today will reach age 90, and 10 percent will make it past age 95. 1,000 more words


Teens in your family with summer jobs? Set up IRAs for them!

Teenagers’ retirement may seem too far off to warrant saving now, but IRAs can be perfect for teens precisely because they’ll likely have many years to let their accounts grow tax-deferred or tax-free. 193 more words