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Hungarian Prime Minister calls out George Soros in state of the nation speech

“It’s hard to think of any citizen of the world who would have done more to deserve the award.”

(Former President Bill Clinton upon presenting Soros with the IRC’s “Freedom Award” in 2013) 689 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

Education in Emergencies

via Search | International Rescue Committee (IRC)

Stories and practical experiences through the IRC programs and partners actions.


In Burkina Faso the political commitment for sanitation is unequivocal

The first lady of Burkina Faso has pledged her support for the “Fasotoilettes 2017” campaign.

IRC and their partners have been saying it for years: to achieve universal sanitation by 2030 (SDG6-2), the commitment of all stakeholders is essential – from the top to the active participation of citizens at grass roots level. 497 more words


The Slack-IRC gateway is a trick to lock-in customers

Well, here is another reason to resist using Slack:

[…]when you use /me on the IRC gateway while in private chat with someone, Slack just drops the message on the floor and doesn’t deliver it!

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For those who need: Iraqi refugee crisis takes its toll

To hold operations that will clear away the Islamic state from Mosul the suport groups require to be funded

Due to the US and Baghdad planning to start an onrush on cities controlled by the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), various humanitarian organizations are warned of the oncoming of  difficult period when a huge amount of Iraqis will be urged to leave their hometowns and flee. 377 more words

Social media might destroy my life

Remember the days of IRC, Netscape and Geocities websites? If these don’t ring a bell, you’re probably just not old enough.

I was at my second year of uni when I got introduced to the internet. 778 more words


Getting new housing in your town? Then you will get refugees!

If Trump doesn’t turn off the spigot, both of refugees and funding/regulations for low income housing (Obama’s Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing!), then expect refugee contractors to find your town! 622 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program