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Running Out of Distractions

It’s Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend and I have officially run out of distractions. I’ve gone Black Friday shopping, surfed the Amazon deals, gone to lunch with my friend Jessica, played PokemonGo- even training at a gym, and have gone grocery shopping for non essential things.   94 more words


Creating your own irc bot : the basics

IRC bots are not difficult to make they are very easy and they don’t require a specific language. You just have to satisfy some conditions and choose your language. 1,066 more words


Gluesticks and Ribbon Ink- The Fanzine Years

I got to it late. 1993. After the heyday but prior to the decline. Fanzines, Tape Trading, Flyering. Send back my stamps. Please enclose two IRC’s. 450 more words

Omaera Zenin Mendokusai! - Chapter 25

What a cutie~

Chapter 25 is out and 25.5 and 26 are in the works. 25’s torrent will be up at a later point. Check back here or on our downloads page. 47 more words


Kristian Köhntopp: Let's have a chat - a taxonomy and some context (history and future; 20160606)

A few months ago was my first ever presence on IRC wich started like this:

  bear with me: after BITNET relay chat, I've totally skipped the IRC thing, so
 * jeroenp_ is IRC n00b and wonders if netiquette is roughly the same as in the mid 1990s (:
  jeroenp_: I don't think it changed a lot...
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Power User

My Relationship With Facebook: A look At How I Use Social Media

It’s hard to step back and think about what social media I use most often.   I’ve been using social media for over a decade.  It started long ago with something called IRC then ICQ.   393 more words

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