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Juste H. Nansi sur les réformes dans le secteur de l’eau au Bénin: « ...le PPP est un moyen pour réaliser les services universels et pérennes»

Alain TOSSOUNON (Cotonou/Bénin)

Depuis son installation, le régime du Président Patrice Talon a fait du Partenariat Public Privé (PPP), son modèle privilégié de gestion dans plusieurs secteurs. 1,995 more words


Pedo IRC

WTF. Little boy sex channel Pedos on irc? Girl bye. 35 users! Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Changing gender for acceptance in the society

“Iwillbegirl” was the IRC nickname of a guy compelled to turn himself into a girl through medical procedures for getting accepted in the society as a normal couple. 352 more words

Thought And Reflection

Shift Happens

*If you haven’t read the 2 previous posts, Shift Begins and Shift Gains Momentum, go back and do that now, so this one will make sense.* 1,018 more words

Jelang Kawahara IRC IDC Seri 3, Aroma Persaingan Akan Memanas Persiapan Matang Jadi Modal Panitia

RoadRacing – Tinggal menghitung hari, ajang balap lintas lurus paling bergengsi di tanah air Kawahara IRC IDC 2017 Seri 3 yang akan diselenggarakan pada (9/7) di Kota Sukoharjo, Solo. 304 more words

9th Circuit: Assignment in Breach of PSA is Voidable not Void. Here is why they are wrong

The thousands of trial court and appellate decisions that have hung their hat on illegal assignments being “voidable” demonstrates either a lack of understanding of common law business trusts or an adherence to a faulty doctrine in which homeowners pay the price for fraudulent bank activities.

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