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What's not to like about a flat tax?

Everyone knows the IRC is a mess and that virtually no one understands it and that in many ways it simply is not fair. In addition, some provisions from dealing with health benefits to retirement work against individuals while other elements of the Code inhibit economic growth. 579 more words


I just created a Git Repository for my HexChat Python scripts.


Code for IRC Join and Part filter

Here is the current code I have for my adapted Join and Part filter for IRC chat, which is detailed on my Projects page.


New OAPI Chat

As of a few days ago, we’re on the freenode IRC network! (webchat)

Check out #oapi for general community talk. While the conversation is often around issues regarding the marginalized and online harassment, it’s also just a friendly space for people to chat. 50 more words


The Benefit of Boutique Firms

IRC Annual Conference 2013 – San Francisco

Simply put, boutique firms offer a competitive advantage to their client companies.  Starting with the breadth of companies from which they can recruit from (based on conflict of interest issues at larger firms) and ending with not having to placate stock holders if they are a public company.   955 more words


Intern, IRC India Country Office, New Delhi [start date mid-July]

IRC is an international think-and-do tank that works with governments, NGOs, entrepreneurs and people around the world to find long-term solutions to the global crisis in water, sanitation and hygiene services. 439 more words


Remembering Jabber, IRC, and Usenet

I really miss the days before mobile phones and social networks took over – for three reasons : Instant Messaging applications, Chat Rooms, and Newsgroups. Yes, I know we have apps such as KIK, WhatsApp, Voxer, Facebook Messenger, and so on for our mobile phones, but they are nowhere near as good as their ancestors. 429 more words