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IRC's Bob Carey takes the head of his government regulator, ORR

On April 9 the HHS/ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) sent out a notice announcing the latest revolution of the revolving door between the private sector (resettlement contractors) and government agencies, such as ORR and the State Department’s Office of Admissions — a new director for the ORR, the… 344 more words


Skoda's 'Fab' New R5 Rally Car

Skoda Motorsport has unveiled their all new R5 Spec Fabia Rally Car and its ready for action. Skoda Motorsport says,”A new chapter starts now: see the final design of our brand new ŠKODA Fabia R 5 here. 36 more words


How to install and use Waartaa IRC client as a local standalone application

1 Introduction

Waartaa is an open source communication and collaboration tool. It is an IRC client focussed to overcome the subtle disadvantages of existing clients. It is a web based IRC client as a service, facilitating some extremely useful services such as: centralised logging, unique Identity, global access, notifications, responsiveness to devices and displays across multiple clients. 510 more words

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Modigliani, an IRC Bot

Modigliani (Amedeo Clemente Modigliani 1884 – 1920) was a great Italian painter, so what does this has to do with Python and IRC?

Hello, today I will introduce you to my very personal IRC bot, it does only one thing: it takes a link of an image (any image online) and convert it into ASCII Art then send it to the user in a private message, nothing more… nothing less! 1,131 more words


More Problems for 419 Plans

For years, life insurance companies and agents have tried to find ways of making life insurance premiums paid by business owners’ tax deductible. This would allow them to sell policies at a “discount.” 1,255 more words


National Research Strategy Must Benefit All Elements of Society – IRC‏

“The new national strategy for research and innovation must reflect and benefit all elements of society”.

That’s according to the Irish Research Council (IRC), which yesterday (12.03.15) announced a partnership with…

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Generation S - Issue #082 - Reconciliation, Meditation, Exploration, Invention, Proposition, Visitation, Intimidation, Emancipation, Detonation - Publication 02.26.15

06 * @Wraxian spaces out silently, becoming still as she completely zones out in the wake of Hector’s inquiry.
06 * @Damion_Cross takes a deep breath, giving the Band his best I’m In No Way Whatsoever Up To Something” smile. 28,692 more words

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