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Ireland 2: Day 7

^^Kent Station in Cork

04.16.18 | Cork > Tralee | 09:12

This next leg of my journey is pretty much my dear friend Colee’s fault. 684 more words

Ireland 2: Day 6

04.15.18 | Cork Hostel | 17:44

Even though I could hear the rain coming down all night long (I sleep light in hostels when there are strangers sharing a room with me), and it was equally and rainy and windy this morning, I decided that I would go to church. 233 more words

We thank you, Anam Cara.

Last Friday I was invited to a special lunch with a group of close friends. I always look forward to this occasion as it’s a fun afternoon of wonderful food and plenty of wine. 516 more words


Ireland 2: Day 5

04.14.18 | Cork Hostel | 22:33

The name of this hostel is Bru Bar & Hostel. When you first walk into it, it’s just a bar. 258 more words

Ireland 2: Day 4

04.13.18 | Cork Hostel | 21:30

I just made it to Cork. Since I can barely remember this city, it’s like I’m here for the first time. 96 more words

There I am in the paper #58

Here’s another of my articles from the Irish Examiner’s Feelgood. Anyone who is inclined to ignore the petrol warning light might relate to this one! 647 more words


Ireland 2: Day 3

04.12.18 | Dublin Hostel | 20:46

This morning I met a girl named Shannon. I believe she told me she was from Michigan. 518 more words