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6 VESEY PLACE KINGSTOWN (Dun Laoghaire), August 1903

Update as of 2-4-16:  The person who now lives next door at 5 Vesey Place indicates that Number 5 was owned by the Shirleys about the time this photo was taken…so instead of visitors from afar, the photos were taken when the neighbors came to visit.   307 more words


Who will you be remembering?

I read that today is World Cancer Awareness day. Does anyone who has been touched by cancer need such a day? Is there anyone’s life who has not been touched? 164 more words


Can't go back

Leaping through the air, your human crazy leaf shaped shadows bouncing and weaving though fellow wind dances , requiting mostly beautiful insignificance laced with a little vengeance. 264 more words

say something why do we not

how many times has this scenario been played out over the eons with the human experience

i would also include if i had the brain capasity the countless animals and insects who glimpse this realm too…The orchastration of movement, a language in itself we might never embrace….might or might not… 291 more words

ROYAL MARINE HOTEL, Kingstown, County Dublin, Ireland

This is an advertising card for the Royal Marine Hotel, Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), County Dublin, Ireland.  I love the list of amenities down the left side…electric lights, baths on all floors, etc.


KINGSTOWN RAILWAY LINE at Monkstown, County Dublin, Ireland

This shows the railway line to and from Kingstown (now Dun Laoghaire), County Dublin, Ireland.  You can see the steam coming out of the engine and the man who has stopped his cart to gaze out at the Irish Sea.