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A Funeral and a Turf War

The newspaper clipping is yellowed with age but carefully folded and preserved in a box of papers left by my Irish grandmother. The box was inside a larger one with an assortment of family papers that sat in the back of my closet for more than two decades. 1,246 more words


#OTD in 1972 – Lord Widgery’s report exonerating “Bloody Sunday” troops was issued.

Publication of the Widgery Report into the events of Bloody Sunday brings an avalanche of criticism and incredulity amongst nationalist and independent commentators. The man who served as the Lord Chief Justice of England from 1971-80 found that British paratroopers were not responsible for the deaths of 13 civilians on the day and that “there would have been no deaths in ‘Derry’ on 30 January if those who organised the illegal march had not thereby created a highly dangerous situation in which a clash between demonstrators and the security forces was almost inevitable.” Despite all evidence to the contrary, Widgery stated “There was no general breakdown in discipline.” 299 more words

Irish History

Dublin Unconference Roundup: The Topics That are Hot Right Now

the Hackaday Community from across Ireland and other parts of Europe poured into the performance hall at Dublin’s Project Arts Centre for a massive collection of talks.

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'Days of Heaven: Italia 90 and the Charlton Years' by Declan Lynch (2010)

“Look back on those days, on Euro 88 on Italia 90 and the rest of what we call the Charlton era, it certainly wasn’t about football.  597 more words

Referendum 25 May 2018

Even if we are not registered to vote, we can have some influence on the outcome of the upcoming Referendum in May.

How? By the way we act, through talks with Irish people, by distributing, showing and/or wearing some of the materials that are available. 125 more words


Tip 2: Pay attention to rental car fuel type

When renting a car in an unfamiliar country, be aware of gas (Petro) vs diesel. It could be the pump handle is opposite color than you are used to. 21 more words