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When Martin McGuinness met the Queen

By Sean Matgamna (first published in 2012)

In a hugely symbolic moment on 27 June, during a royal visit to Northern Ireland to mark her jubilee, the former commander of the IRA shook hands with the Queen. 1,134 more words

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Community Work

Community work is not only about giving time  and help, and getting things done collectively.  It is also about receiving.

I became involved in a group project with the aim of painting a wall mural opposite a local school. 226 more words


A radical vision for independence

I attended Sinn Féin’s ‘Towards a United Ireland’ conference in the Mansion House yesterday (Saturday 21st January), which was an excellent event with brilliant debates on one of the most pressing issues facing us in Ireland today – the partition of our country.Contributions from Mary Lou McDonald, the unionist commentator Alex Kane and Cat Boyd of Scotland’s Radical Independence Campaign were particularly insightful. 742 more words


The Wonder

Having been encapsulated with Emma Donoghue’s writing since reading Room, a must if you’re yet to read this masterpiece. The Wonder takes us on an altogether different journey, one of mystery, religion, and a suspected lie. 174 more words


How goes the shamrock in Ireland?

The shamrock. A familiar Irish symbol, featuring alongside the harp and round tower, thatched house and donkey on all sorts of material destined for the tourist market. 623 more words


Graceful - Weekly Photo Challenge

When I think of gracefulness, I would think of the beauty of movement or the strength and control in that movement. When looking at a ballet dancer, or belly dancer for that matter, the amount of skill or training is often overlooked in the end result. 162 more words

The New Year ......

Well with life and all that goes with it along with finding the correct mindset it has been difficult to find time to think ! But the blogging of another follow blogger that was not trying to SELL anything for a program I was frantically try to get to work made me have a re-think that maybe the experiences of life in the Wild West really does need to be made. 12 more words