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Inner Refuge & Felt Safety

Felt Safety.  What does this mean and why is it important? How do we orient to it, and is it possible to orient no matter the conditions and circumstance? 992 more words


Simplicity of Being, March Retreat

In a few weeks, I will be heading out to offer a weeklong retreat with Karlie Lemos in Tulum, Mexico at the beautiful Shambhala Petit.  This will be an opportunity to slow down, to immerse in the beauty of the nature as you return home to your most essential self. 100 more words


Nourishing Joy

Nourishing Joy.  This can sound somewhat self-indulgent, but instead I believe it to be self-sustaining. It is important to take time to reflect on joy, what it means, how it comes forward in life, and how it feels in our bodies. 528 more words


New Guided Meditation: Body, Breath and Being, iRest® Yoga Nidra

I have uploaded a new guided iRest® yoga nidra meditation to the guided meditations page.

This sixteen minute practice invites you to welcome your experience as it is, moment to moment. 195 more words


Fresh Commitments to Ourselves

As I continue to teach and explore classes in a more thematic way this year, I will share my thoughts here occasionally.  We have spent several weeks exploring the feeling of… 622 more words


#JustSayKnow: Dennis Peron

Dennis Peron passed this evening. You should know about him, Newbie. Legal cannabis would not have been possible without his activism. I had the fortune of being part of a special event for vets last Veterans Day, 11/11/17 at a dispensary in San Francisco called… 44 more words


Retreating in Tulum

I woke this morning feeling grateful and happy to be offering a retreat with a fellow teacher, Karlie Lemos,  in just a matter of months in Tulum.  333 more words