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Talvar-movie review 

Talvar -The most controversial case reopenes . The story that sent shock waves across the country in March 2008 ,when Arushi Talwar a teenager was killed in her house with her parents sleeping in the room next door The case became the talk of the town after the discovery of the servant being killed too.But still the case was messed with the police ,with no proper investigation in the case ,the CBI ego wars also messed up the case further .This is the bitter truth of the country where nothing can be done the right way .The story was filmed and shown with neutral perspective and the star cast couldn’t get better with irfan khan & kokana Sen being part as the familiar faces .The 122 minutes story was directed very well by Megha Gulzar , produced by Vishal Bhardwaj .The movie also tell us how the country still hasn’t changed much in handling cases like these ,the recent example being Indrani Mukherji’s case .The story remained true while portraying the complete incident .


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Though I was watching films regularly since I wrote about ‘Masaan’, I couldn’t get time to write here. Many reader friends were insisting me to write few lines. 205 more words

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Aishwariya Rai Bachchan wins the hearts of millions again!

She came, she conquered and she ruled all over again! The gorgeous diva Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who returned back on the big screen after a hiatus of 5 years, has proved to each that she is back with a bang! 408 more words

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Talvar: Experiments with Facts and Hidden Truth

It took me some time to prepare myself to launch the review for this movie. What I am calling a movie here, is actually someone’s life even today. 593 more words

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Movie Review: Jazbaa - Weak Script, Powerful Performances!

This week we have the most anticipated comeback movie of Aishwarya RaiJazbaa releasing. Like every top heroine who made a comeback after a long hiatus, Aishwarya too chose a woman centric role and I must say the decision was wise. 370 more words

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M-Tech launches a smartphone called Jazbaa

મોબાઈલ કંપની M-Tech એ ‘જઝબા’ બ્રાંડથી પોતાનો સ્માર્ટફોન આજે ભારતીય બજારમાં રજુ કર્યો જેની કિંમત ૮,૯૯૯ રૂપિયા રાખવામાં આવી છે. કંપનીએ એશ્વર્યા રાય અને ઈરફાન ખાન અભિનીત નવી ફિલ્મ ‘જઝબા’ ના નામ પર આ સ્માર્ટફોનને લોન્ચ કર્યો છે. રાય અને ખાને ત્યાં આયોજિત એક કાર્યક્રમમાં આ ફોનને લોન્ચ કર્યો હતો. http://www.vishvagujarat.com/m-tech-launches-a-smartphone-called-jazbaa/

Movie Review: Talvar - This sword is sharper than a pen!

This week the releases were as different as chalk and cheese. On one hand if Akshay Kumar entertained us with ‘Singh Is Bliing‘ then on the other hand… 267 more words

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