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IRFAN PATHAN - All-Time IPL Drinks Boy! An Interesting Insight by Pratish Doshi

Reports are coming that Russian President Vladimir Putin wants Pathan junior to come to Russia as the ‘Winter Is Coming’ and he will need someone to warm his chair. 726 more words


EXCLUSIVE: Mustafizur Rahman reminds me of Wasim Akram, says Dale Steyn

Twenty20 cricket, with heavy bats and smaller grounds, should ideally favour batsmen in a format that feasts on high scores. However, the bowlers have evolved and adapted as much as the batsmen have and are restoring the balance between bat and ball. 248 more words


شاہد آفریدی کی بیٹنگ کی ایک فرضی ،پیروڈی روداد :ثاقب ملک

شاہد آفریدی ڈریسنگ روم میں بیٹھے اپنی باری کا انتظار کر رہے تھے .انکی ٹانگیں تیز تیز ہل جل رہی تھیں .آفریدی ،احمد شہزاد کو بلا اکر کہتے ہیں کہ یار ،ذرا میری جرابیں لاؤ ،میں دو دو جوڑے پہن کر بیٹنگ کروں گا .احمد شہزاد فورا بھاگ کر انکے حکم کی تعمیل کرتے ہیں .شاہد آفریدی صلے کے طور پر احمد کو چومی دیتے ہیں .کریز پر حفیظ اور عمر اکمل بیٹنگ کر رہے ہیں کہ تماشائیوں میں سے کوئی ڈیل سٹین کا نام لیتا ہے تو حفیظ فورا آوٹ ہو جاتے ہیں .اب آفریدی کی باری ہے .

Saqib Malik

Ravichandran Ashwin became India’s leading wicket-taker in T20Is

The Indian off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin gone past Irfan Pathan to become the leading wicket taker for India in twenty20 internationals in the second T20 match between India and South Africa at Cuttack on Monday. 186 more words


Should Rohit Sharma Bowl or Not ?

The much awaited home series is just about to get underway. The ferocious Proteas are coming to India for a 72 days long tour. As the series is approaching, players are busy telling about their roles and their perceptions new look team management being headed by Ravi Shastri. 518 more words

Virat Kohli

Stuart Binny: Somebody’s son, somebody’s spouse

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It must not be easy being Stuart Binny.

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His father, Roger Michael Humphrey, was a member of the 1983 World Cup winning squad. 1,094 more words