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African recipes

Right, today I am posting some recipes from Kenya and Zimbabwe.

Irio (Kenyan maize/corn and bean mash)


  • 1 cup/200g haricot, red kidney or sugar beans, soaked and cooked…
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Seasonal Recipe

Text-2-Community: Great tool in Emergency situations

Despite the appeal of other forms of communication, text messaging is still the most popular choice for mobile users. But why is text marketing the best option for a mobile marketing campaign? 389 more words


SMS, Sweepstakes and the Future

After successfully dominating social communications during the 90s and 00s, text messaging is flourishing as a commercial channel. The open-and-read rate of SMS at 98% – and that’s within a few minutes of the message being received. 205 more words

Text Messaging

Are you embracing Mobile Marketing?

As trends are shifting away from standard communication, IRIO is keeping up with the times. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, IRIO Mobile Marketing continues to grow based on the sky-rocketing phenomenon of text messaging and mobile internet. 411 more words

Text Messaging

The problems with solving anarchy in the international system

As we all know, there is no central international institution which strictly enforces rules on states, like a state does on its citizens. The UN has the power to do so to some degree, however, this does not solve the state of anarchy in the international system. 695 more words

International Relations And International Organizations

Three must-try food in Nairobi, Kenya

When visiting a country, you learn the true culture through its food, especially in Kenya. It would be a good idea to look up good places for authentic Kenyan cuisine before starting your study aboard journey in Kenya. 352 more words


Do you face that daily question of “Where are my leads coming from?”  With multiple lead sources such as Facebook, ILS, Craigslist, Print, Radio, Drive By and more, there is an easy way to decipher which of your ad sources are worth more in terms of lead generation than others. 96 more words