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The moments that count............

I have been so in awe of Gods hand in my life.

The last couple of weeks have been a journey of seeing what saying yes to Him can mean… What it looks like… I have had so many moments where it just feels like you see more or you understand more. 620 more words

Heidi Baker and Iris Global - an Introduction

In May 1976, a 16-year-old girl called Heidi was kneeling at the altar of a small Pentecostal church at a Choctaw reservation site in Mississippi. She had been saved just two months earlier, and now she was astounded as she suddenly saw a white light coming over her while she heard a voice, audibly, that said “I am calling you to be a minister and a missionary. 124 more words

Signs & Wonders

Guest post....... "A day in our lives"

So I read this post which was posted a little while ago by an amazing lady….. who is lovingly known as “mommy” to 30 children here at Footprints…. 1,150 more words


It’s  been a hectic few weeks! So I thought I haven’t updated here for a little while… So I will again try and give you a taster! 491 more words

Surprise Sithole: Food Multiplication

I’ve written several times about Surprise Sithole, the South African apostle who has raised several people from the dead in the power of the Holy Spirit and that has heard the external, audible voice of God. 69 more words

Charismatic Activism

Footprints to follow and little hearts to cherish……

So here is my first lot of news from South Africa side…. Feels like there is a lot to say, 2 weeks ago today I arrived! 483 more words

Testing Prayer: Science and Miraculous Healing

This week will be a sabbatical for me, where I won’t use any internet in order to rest and write on my book. To prevent you from being bored, dear blog readers, I want to share with you this very interesting lecture by… 16 more words

Signs & Wonders