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The Flash — "Run, Iris, Run"

Just as quickly as Barry pushed the limits of his speedster abilities last week, he ends up losing it and giving to Iris this week. Insert facepalm. 422 more words


"Ralph, Can You Not?" And Other Thoughts I Had During "Run, Iris, Run"

By ways of a metahuman who could manipulate people’s DNA and transfer superpowers from one person to another, Iris West became a speedster on this week’s episode of… 2,033 more words

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Flash Facts: 'Purple Reign' Edition

This is your handy-dandy, fact-filled recap of all the wonderful knowledge we gained from the latest installment of The Flash. Last week gave us a glimpse at how 8 minutes can feel like an hour when you have the powers of a speedster. 434 more words


The Flash: Rebirth, by Geoff Johns

We’ve looked at two of the biggest super-heroes (Superman and Spider-Man) of all time so far in our comic-book breakdowns, as well as one of the most well-regarded pieces of comic-book fiction ( 1,202 more words


The Flash — "Enter Flashtime"

“Enter Flashtime” was actually a very fun but also a heavily dramatic episode. We didn’t get the usual comedic banter like we normally do — saved for some quips from Cisco here and there — and it didn’t do much to progress the main DeVoe plot at all either. 559 more words


The Flash — Subject 9

Welcome back speedsters. Season 4 of the Flash is finally in the homestretch and before you know it May will be here with it’s season finale. 616 more words


Flash TV News: Iris Gets Powers/Kid Flash Joins Legends

Iris West is suiting up and Wally West is joining Legends of Tomorrow!?!

In an upcoming episode of the Flash, it was revealed in the poster seen above that Iris West will be suiting up. 94 more words

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