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The Flash: "The Nuclear Man"

You know what I love most about The Flash? Besides Barry Allen being adorable and a legitimate do-gooder who rarely ever angsts and has cute interactions with just about everybody including his foster family? 741 more words


Review Round-up: The Flash 1.13 "The Nuclear Man"

This episode. This episode…carried a quagmire of emotions for me. Revelations, drama, tension, and of course, the loathsome love triangle of stupidity. It’s rare that a show will both entertain and disgust me, yet this episode proved that The Flash is capable of many things just like that. 1,166 more words

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A Few Quick Thoughts

I haven’t posted anything for a bit, and I wanted to post something because my thoughts are getting backed up. Nothing too in-depth. Just some things that have been on my mind as of late. 402 more words

The Flash: The Nuclear Man

Last week Barry had to try to manage having a personal life, that is dating Linda, and his duties as the Flash.

Things did not always go alright for him, poor guy, on the first date he managed by super-speeding to the crime places and then back again, before she could notice that he was gone. 433 more words


Review: Flash Vol. 4 - Reverse, by Francis Manapul

The Flash, Vol. 4: Reverse by Francis Manapul
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Reverse Flash is a bad guy, in the Flash Rogues Gallery, but this version of Reverse Flash is actually more of a tragic story. 877 more words

Comic Review

The Flash S1E13: "Survival of the Fittest"

By Mina Haq

On this week’s episode of “The Flash,” Barry struggles to balance dating with his professional responsibilities while the S.T.A.R. Labs team tries to get Ronnie Raymond back and Joe recruits Cisco to figure out who killed Barry’s mom. 929 more words

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The Flash’s “The Nuclear Man” & What It Means to Be a CW Show

Towards the end of the latest episode of The Flash, “The Nuclear Man,” a character who has just discovered he is literally a walking nuclear bomb about to go off engages in idle chatter with the hero, Barry Allen. 2,177 more words

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