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The Iris Man

What a wonderful May! For the first time in maybe ten years I’ve got a stellar flowering of iris.  Every spring the buds would be forming and then it would freeze hard enough in vicious late April to turn their buds into what I disgustedly call “corpsicles.” 241 more words


Pastel by Iris

The iris was in the shade.  Used a mirror with circular cutout to direct strong sunlight to the center.  Manually set exposure on the yellow with spot meter.  14 more words

Podcast Ep. 09 - Kevin Gilbert Tribute

On May 18, 1996 (twenty years ago), the world lost a singular and beautiful artist – Kevin Gilbert. Thomas, Arthur, and our special guest… 108 more words



They are proliferating in my area now despite the colder weather. I find them very perky and happy flowers.

Another one in a cheery yellow.


The harder I try, the quicker I fail

I guess a prelude would be in order, for background-developing purposes.  I won’t bore you with the mundane, everyday bullshit of my life.  I ain’t crying, don’t want to commiserate, and none of it truly matters (except in the fact that it was a piece of what got me here.) 1,602 more words