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Day 26: April Blogging Challenge

Day 26: A Goal In Your Life You Are Working Towards

My main goal at this stage in my life is completing my education and ultimately, have a career that I feel passionately about. 60 more words

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My Goals/ Bucket List of Life

This is a simple post to write down some of the goals I wish to achieve within my life. As of now. I understand these can easily change as I get older. 453 more words

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Day 25: April Blogging Challenge

Day 25: Share Your Ideal 3-Course Meal

First things first – I LOVE good food. Unfortunately, for the most part Irish cuisine isn’t my idea of a delicious meal (with the exception of breakfast, which we are absolutely incredible at). 62 more words

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Day 22: April Blogging Challenge

Day 22: What Sort Of Youtube Videos Do You Watch Most Often?

I watch a variety of make-up/hair videos, music and documentaries/tv shows. I don’t follow any of the massive youtubers, vloggers or comedians, but I enjoy the more natural type of videos where you know the person has physically gone out and bought the product.  41 more words

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34 Weeks Pregnant.....enjoying the sun!


This last week I’ve been enjoying the fine weather after what seemed like weeks of rain! I’m a little late with this post because my hubby was home for the weekend from London so I was busy enjoying some quality time! 157 more words

First Time Pregnancy

Week-End Edit

If there’s one thing I love it’s putting outfits together for the week-end especially if I have plans or events on. I definitely think that my outfit is always a reflection of what I’m in the mood for wearing. 219 more words

LUSH Review - BB Seaweed Fresh Face Mask

Hi everyone!

It’s been a while since I blogged, mostly because of college! Even though my last post was a lush review I’m going to kick things off with another one for now – more varied posts to come next week. 374 more words