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Joe O’Brien and his wife Rosie are living the lives they have chosen in Charlestown, Massachusetts. Joe is a police officer, his wife is the keeper of the home and the flame of faith and hope for the family. 238 more words

Book Review

Irish Heritage II

Religion in Family History

Two years ago I wrote a post titled Irish Heritage, tonight I will add a little bit more information about my Irish ancestors. 419 more words


Warmup Wednesday - 'Unjessed'


There was a time I relished your captivity. Rules. Regulations. Proscriptions. Thou shalt not. It was safe. I was a bird in the hand, watching the world, unwilling or unable to fly. 339 more words

Flash Fiction

St. Patrick's Day: My Top Childhood Memories

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Our Irish surname was all our family needed to wear over-the-top green on St. Patrick’s Day, with little regard for appropriateness. It mattered little that we were off to school or the dentist, my father scoped out our attire hinting at times that the green quotient could be kicked-up a notch. 781 more words


Mary... Who?

My Mom went to visit her Aunt Cap today.

When my Mom calls and says “It’s Mary”, she has to ask “Which one”?

Lets see… My Mom’s name is Mary and my Dad’s name is Bill (well it’s not his REAL name but that’s a whole other post). 47 more words


Bring on the 40 days!

In the beginning of the year I had planned to give up Facebook for Lent because that would make me a better person and I’d look like a really good Irish Catholic. 296 more words