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Mary... Who?

My Mom went to visit her Aunt Cap today.

When my Mom calls and says “It’s Mary”, she has to ask “Which one”?

Lets see… My Mom’s name is Mary and my Dad’s name is Bill (well it’s not his REAL name but that’s a whole other post). 47 more words


Bring on the 40 days!

In the beginning of the year I had planned to give up Facebook for Lent because that would make me a better person and I’d look like a really good Irish Catholic. 296 more words

Round and Round

Life, God, The Universe, whoever – sure has a great way of keeping you off-guard. “What is the lesson here, Grasshopper?” Is it to always be prepared for everything? 701 more words

Daily Life


Desmond Fisher 1920-2014

An appreciation (in The Irish Catholic

Michael Fisher

It was, my father said, the best news he heard in 50 years. Days before his death, I read him Pope Francis’ address to the Curia, outlining 15 diseases they suffered. 505 more words



The Editor of The Irish Catholic Michael Kelly, who was in contact with my father in recent years, has written the following summary of his life. 537 more words


BOOK OF THE DAY: "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler

as a 26 year old male, I unabashedly love Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. My idea of a perfect woman is a lovechild created between the two of them that was genetically modified to have characteristics from both women. 445 more words

Saturday Night Live

Let's hope this sticks

The name’s Jim, Jimmy or Jimbo. Yes I am a James by birth, but I feel it’s a bit too stuffy for me. So, I’ll be using James only in official instances. 508 more words