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Lift Off

Best timed pic I took all night at my old dance group’s show last month. even if it is blurry.


With this being so early on, we’ve only had one appointment with a doctor so naturally I find myself asking a ton of questions. And since I’m not getting any answers except those the good old google-machine gives me, which you can never fully trust, I just keep obsessing about it. 1,509 more words

Love Note #34: Studio in a studio

I always have to have a project in the works: this blog, a romance novella, or art projects of various sizes and degrees of messiness. 216 more words


An Interview with Stephen O'Rourke, Dublin-based Physiotherapist, About Irish Dance And Injury Prevention

Sammi Lim for The Dance Enthusiast: Warming up: Absolutely necessary or overrated?

Stephen O’Rourke: I am a big advocate of warming up. Although our bodies adapt to repetition and are able to perform at higher levels with little or no warm up, it’s vital that we look after our physical instrument. 106 more words


Help a Girl Out

Motivation…..the struggle is real.

I am going to venture and say that for most people, self motivation is an illusion.  We can see it, but it isn’t concrete enough to grasp.  499 more words

This week on Focus Montreal: April 5

MONTREAL – Focus Montreal introduces Montrealers to people who are shaping our community, bringing their stories into focus.

It airs on Saturday at 5:30 p.m. and on Sunday at 11:30 a.m. 267 more words


Show Insanity 2015

I think I’m finally starting to recover from St. Patrick’s Day.

Only Irish dancers will understand the St. Patrick’s Day hangover that doesn’t involve alcohol.  It’s our time of year – … 593 more words

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