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Gear Switch - Performance Time

Now that I have no feiseanna for a while, it’s time to switch gears and focus on the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day marathon. I’m once again a team lead this year, and at last night’s practice our teacher wasn’t able to be there so we were running on our own. 420 more words


A Tale of Two Feiseanna

My double feis weekend has come and gone. Unfortunately I didn’t move up my Novice reel and hornpipe like I was hoping, but I had a lot of fun and some pretty awesome things happened all the same! 519 more words


A Tan and a Dream

My fake tan has just faded from the last feis, and tonight it will be time for a new one! I’m trying to overcome my fears from my last time out… 588 more words


Rebuilding Confidence

Back in December, right after my last post, I had a confidence and stage presence workshop. I was super excited for it and couldn’t wait to post about it when it was done. 335 more words


The Top 5 Criteria for Success in an Irish Dance Competition

As an Irish Dance adjudicator, I am often asked what it takes for a dancer to win. Notice that I said win, and not to get a high score. 1,130 more words

Blog Assignment

Dance Memories

I have so many amazing memories from my many years of dancing. I think I am going to make this a series of posts because there are so many good ones. 471 more words


17 things that Happened in 2017

Happy 2018 everyone! 2017 was insane. So many things happened in my life and in dance. I have gathered a list of 17 things that happened in 2017. 727 more words