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Irish Fest - Part II

Someone asked me to share a video of the Irish dancers. This is the school’s newest Treble Reel that they did for Irish Fest and their recital two weeks ago. 19 more words


T-2 Days 'Til Feis

Tuesday was my last dance class before competition this weekend. As always, there’s a lot of room for improvement, but overall I’m happy with where I’m sitting. 779 more words


What's with the new Irish dance fitness program everyone is talking about?

By now, most Irish dancers have heard about Reaching New Heights, the new fitness program for Irish dancers. The program was developed by six-time world champion, Lauren Early and personal trainer Robert McAvoy to help dancers achieve their goals by targeting the specific skills needed for Irish dancing. 948 more words



This past week brought two semi-miracles for me: I handed in final edits on my latest manuscript and submitted my first short story (well, second… 496 more words


Hoping Small Children Don't Hate Me

Class ended on a weird note last night, and suddenly I was in elementary school again hoping for approval, or at least no hatred, from ten year olds. 462 more words


Drill Baby Drill

Work has finally slowed down a bit and I feel like I can get back to blogging. As I keep trying to up my training regimen, and failing, I’m hoping that staying accountable via blogging to my one loyal reader (hi… 549 more words


Wisconsin Spring Feis and Celtic Spirit Feis Review

This past weekend I attended a double feis In Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The first day was Wisconsin Spring and the second day was Celtic Spirit. These competitions always happen the first full weekend in may. 703 more words

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