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Irish Dancing Mommy - Baby Stealing the Spotlight

This is another take of yesterdays choreography… only someone else ended up stealing the spotlight a little in the end. You can also see that he’d already got his hands on my mp3 player too. 8 more words

Irish Dance

8 Counts of Irish Dance Choreography - Video 25

I’ve started creating choreography to some popular songs I love. This one is to a Maroon 5 song. I have a little mp3 player that plays the music for me. 44 more words

Irish Dance

Blast from the Past: Irish Dancing in a Pub

Just found this video of me performing with my old dance company back in 2011. Really good memories and so much fun!

Post by Shelly Allen

Irish Dance

PT is over and an MRI is next!


The last time I wrote, I had assumed we’d be in PT for awhile. Abby seemed to be progressing – pain seemed to be decreasing and she was gaining mobility in her ankle. 1,337 more words

Irish Dancing Mommy - Another Baby Camera Attack

This is one of many takes for yesterday’s choreography. It’s a lot harder to record steps when my baby boy is awake. In this take my little bunchkin got to the GoPro before I finished. 8 more words

Irish Dance

Don't Dance For Israel

An event billed as the first ever Irish Feis in Israel is scheduled for August the 15th  in Tel Aviv. It is being organized by the… 801 more words

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8 Counts of Irish Dance Choreography - Video 24

This was a close one, my little bunchkin almost got the camera before I finished. In an earlier take he actually got it. I’ll post that video tomorrow. 8 more words

Irish Dance