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Dancing in my Sneakers

I came up with a fun hard shoe combo in my backyard today while my little bunchkin was sleeping. First try using my new Go Pro! 7 more words


A Day in the Life of OCA!

There are many questions when it comes to a nontraditional school. Before I enrolled in Ohio Connections Academy, I had many questions as to how this even works or if it does at all. 790 more words



Okay, it’s only because we’re friends that I’m about to share this with you. It is, without a doubt, my most embarrassing moment. Ever. 514 more words

Street Seen

Düsseldorf Dreaming

Being a complete beach bum, the thought of a city break wasn’t one that really jumped out at me. I would’ve much rather had a seat booked on a plane to Greece but hey ho, that’s life. 527 more words


Advice for Ballet from my Irish Dance Teacher

A few weeks ago I rolled my eyes when someone explained that they were too busy with ballet to blog about ballet.

Now, here I am in the same boat. 887 more words

How To Make Your Ghillies Smaller.

Ghillies are what Irish Dancers wear for their soft shoe dances. It is pretty crucial that these shoes fit very tightly to show off the contour of your foot. 579 more words


Happy Irish Dancing Day!

Five years ago, I was supposed to go to Hong Kong to watch my most favourite show in the world: Riverdance. I was 11 or 12 when I first promised to see them live, but never got the chance. 394 more words