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The Joy of the Dance

When I was 6 years old my parents enrolled me in ballet lessons.  Like most little girls I had dreams of being a ballerina, and I am grateful to my parents for giving me the chance to live my dream. 340 more words


Irish I Were Less Drunk for That Flight

Why I traversed the country for a festival in a field and all the reasons why you should be in Dublin, Ohio the first full weekend in August. 2,421 more words


Gear + Collage = Ready to Rock!

Although I’m not up to my desired training levels, I’ve made good progress this week. I’ve been tracking my calories, got two good dance classes in, and been up on my environmental preparations (mostly groceries and cleaning, but soon to include food prep and other time saving measures). 240 more words

Irish Dance

Throwback: Ireland

The very first European country I visited with my husband is Ireland. I read about how beautiful it is and its temperate weather. When I saw what looked like a great deal online for a week’s trip, we booked it. 85 more words


Dance Brain - Activate!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year at my dance school. The unofficial privates+random classes July schedule is over, and our short summer session has begun. 796 more words

Irish Dance

Focus on the Goal

My vacation…didn’t go as expected. I got sick the first night we were camping and had to come home. So, basically I spent half of my vacation being sick and the other half at home staying unplugged from work and most of life. 545 more words

Irish Dance

Irish Dancing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We are on the road again this weekend for Irish dancing. We love Milwaukee, Wisconsin!

We were in our hotel room last night when some one let us know about the shooting by the police officers, the protest and the fires. 87 more words