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The inherent sadness of Missing Friends

I’m currently beavering away on Trove looking for all Missing Friends notices which mention County Clare. These advertisements are revealing in a host of unexpected ways. 215 more words


Family Memorabilia and Ireland

As the Irish people commemorate the centenary of the Easter Uprising this weekend it seemed an appropriate time to share a piece of family memorabilia relating to Ireland’s fight for independence and self-government. 76 more words

Irish Family History

At home in the Whitsundays

9th. Aug 2015

The suitcase is unpacked, the laundry is done and I am in the process of sorting out all the documentation I brought home with me from my trip to Ireland. 480 more words

Irish Family History

Dublin and Home

4 Aug. 2015

While I am writing, I am sitting eating “Butlers” Dark Chocolate with Irish Whisky. Their slogan is “purveyors of Happiness. I think it should read “purveyors of the light head!” That’s it, the chocolate gets put away! 670 more words

Irish Family History


3 August, 2015

Sad farewells were said as I hugged Laura and Val good-bye this morning. “You’ve become part of the houshold” quipped Laura last night. 2,693 more words

Irish Family History


27 July, 2015

Page 3 headlines in the Irish Independent Newspaper states “Rain and a chance of thunder brings wet and weary end to July”. Whereas the Irish lament the rain in summer, on the other side of the world in the Whitsundays where I live, I can imagine all the gardeners frantically watering their gardens to save their plants because at this time of year we experience “the dry” and seldom do we have rain from April to December. 203 more words

Irish Family History

Reviewing the Irish registers

The days have ticked along and I imagine many of us have crossed eyes from staring at the digitised Irish Catholic parish registers…I know I have! 740 more words

Irish Family History