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Monday Musings 17/2/20

Life Savers

The wife and I took a few days break in Galway during the last week. On Wednesday we drove west along the coast from the city. 574 more words

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The ‘20s Roaring (Again)

By Timothy G. McMahon

Tim McMahon ponders the results of this week’s election in Ireland, in the wake of Brexit and in the context of nationalist politics in Europe… 1,144 more words

What's "left" in Dublin South Central?

Personally, I don’t see Sinn Féin as ‘left’ at all, but they are considered as such, apparently. So given that, then all four candidates in my constituency are now left, which is an amazing feat. 62 more words

Irish Politics

RTÉ inadvertently explains how PR:STV should be, not how it is #GE2020

FOREWORD : In this post I give my reservations of the PR:STV method of holding elections. Please don’t take them as my discouraging you from voting!!!! 654 more words

Irish Politics

Leaflet from Gino Kenny -People Before Profit -Dublin Mid West #GE2020

A Leaflet from Gino Kenny running for People Before Profit in Dublin Mid West in the 2020 General Election.
Many thanks to the sender

Irish Politics

Leaflet from Mary O'Donnell -Independent -Sligo Leitrim #GE2020

A Leaflet from Mary O’Donnell running as an Independent in Sligo Leitrim.
Many thanks to the sender

Irish Politics

Leaflet from Michael and Danny Healy Rae - Independent -Kerry #GE2020

A Leaflet from Michael and Danny Healy Rae running as Independents in Kerry.
Many thanks to the sender.

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