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An Irish Setter Mystery

This beautiful Irish Setter is a sad mystery to me.  I saw him at the Cowichan River off-leash dog park today and was struck by his beauty having not seen an Irish Setter for quite some time.  396 more words


Leaves, My Breath and MuMu

I saw my breath yesterday morning. I got to wear my Steeler hoodie for the first time this season. When I took Maddie on our walk, we saw leaves on the ground. 980 more words


Irish Dogs

I bought a photo/negative/slide scanner the other day and went to town on a stack of old slides from a trip to Ireland that I made with my mother in 1981.   31 more words


Irish Setter

AKC Group: Sporting

First developed to be a color variant of the original Red and White Setter in the 1700s, they were originally known as an Irish Red Setter. 366 more words


Friendliest dog breeds

Love dogs? Here are the dog breeds that are the friendliest in the world!!! Click here to read complete post


Timber Bamboo and Me

Here and there I see patches of hot white sky. The sun would burn me if it wasn’t held back by the tall, skinny, green trunks of the bamboo trees. 574 more words

Short Story

August 15, 2016: Preseason

Like the National Football League, cyclocross spans three seasons. For both, training has to start in the brutal heat of mid-summer. Some of the early races take place in these somewhat oppressive conditions but as the season gets into full swing, we are usually racing in the sometimes-perfect weather of autumn just like the big boys who wear a lot of padding and get the crap knocked out of them. 597 more words