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Recipes for dark days

In an effort to practice better home economy, I have declared this the Winter of the Bean.

In the last few weeks I’ve experimented with baked beans and chili. 438 more words

Irish Stew

As I mentioned in a previous post, I recently received a small Le Creuset, and I’ve been dying to make something with it. So over the last week or so, I’ve been going through my cookbooks and tagging recipes to try. 361 more words

Main Dishes


It’s been long time since I’ve kissed somebody.

I am looking for perfection. That feeling which wakes you up, when you feel somebody elses lips on yours, and than you kiss, and just want more. 354 more words


Irish Stew

 Irish Stew has been a favorite stew recipe for Irish-Americans for generations. This lamb stew recipe is so simple to make, and very affordable when using the meaty lamb shoulder chops. 263 more words

Peacocks, peat and Gaelic football

During our short stay at Ashley Park House, Nenagh we make friends with a peacock and his family, learn that peat bog fuel is still very much part of Irish life and that a memory of a good summer two years ago here is seen as a glass half full. 324 more words


Autumn is nearly here

Not many of us live in rural communities, and of those who do not all are dependent on farming and agriculture for their livelihoods as they would have been in times gone by. 862 more words


Running, Eating, and Traveling: Dublin, Ireland

And my big summer trip was… Ireland! It was a last minute trip as I had first planned on going to Mexico to save money, but then I couldn’t find a travel partner and drinking at an all-inclusive resort by yourself is not that appealing, so on 4th of July I changed my plans and bought a flight to Ireland for pretty much the next day. 1,454 more words