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8 Things not to say to parents of Irish Twins

I have two daughters, Gabriella who is 3 and Ava who is 2. They were born 11 months apart which makes then ‘Irish Twins’. Going out with the girls can sometimes generate some interesting comments. 797 more words

The Kids Wear the Pants in This Relationship

I have learned very early on in motherhood that my kids wear the pants in this relationship. Now, that’s not to say that I let my kids walk all over me. 745 more words


Irish Twins, part two

I made my very first post on here when I was pregnant with my second child, who was due before his big sister’s first birthday. Waylon ended up being two days late, making his grand appearance at 4:00 Labor Day morning, eight days before Mattie turned one year old. 417 more words


Not OK With It

So, I made it to the moms group at the library this morning. Even though it takes 500 steps to get out of the door with two babies, we got there pretty much on time. 438 more words

Titus is 4 months!

A little over 15 lbs, our boy is as happy as they come! He still sleeps 12 hours at night and would probably sleep more but I wake him up!! 197 more words


Sleep Training

I’ve had enough friends ask for my experience with sleep training that I decided it merits a blog post. What follows is simply my experience. This worked for our family and our kids. 845 more words


My Kinders on Ash Wednesday...

My 5 year old, Miss M and 4 year old, Mr. C got to attend Ash Wednesday mass at church with their school today. Here is their story… 499 more words
My Monkeys, My Circus