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The two of them

Big Man and the Princess are twelve months and nineteen days apart in age. God, in his infinite wisdom (and humor) chose to give us two babies in just over a year, after battling through 18 months of infertility. 501 more words


Me and the Bump (s!!)

I didn’t start a pregnancy blog for nothing… I like the pregnancy theme so much that I decided I wanted to continue it ;) Time to add a ‘S’ to the bump. 457 more words


Bed Sharing: Two little blessings

When I told Natalie, my 18 month old, that it was time for bed, she ran to my bed and went and laid her head on my pillow. 388 more words

Parenting And Kids

You Ready?!

Nothing good ever follows a 3 year old talking to her 2 year old sister and you hear the following:

“Watch me sissy..you ready?!”

Great way to get my attention girls! 7 more words


The time Sarah fell down...

We went to Bali, Indonesia last year. And as my IG would document, my baby princess fell off the hotel bed & hit hard on the floor. 857 more words

Breastfeeding Excitement: A toddler relatching after a year-long hiatus

I’m so excited right now!!!! A little back story…

I was unable to nurse my first child. For too many reasons to delve into at the moment, she never latched on. 1,195 more words

Parenting And Kids