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A Series of Ridiculous Events

It’s 7:48 am. I was awoken to my 1 year old, Bobby, wanting to nurse, yet again, at about 5:00. He is getting two molars and has had allergy symptoms for the last week due to smokey air (many forest fires in the area). 1,294 more words

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You Say My Hands are Full

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the 1st one to admit that my life these days is crazy. From 6am until 10pm, it’s a whirlwind. There’s no time to moan about everything that needs doing and how little time I have to do it all in. 1,206 more words


Life is really getting in the way of making babies

It really is quite annoying that we can not pack the inseminator (also lovingly referred to as Dan) into our suitcases when we go away. Equally frustrating is that we also wont fit into his suitcase when he goes away. 471 more words


Tick Tock, Tick Tock

Time is moving right along…two more weeks and I will be induced and finally get to hold my baby girl. I am so excited to officially meet her since we’ve been sharing the same space for about 9 months and there’s been so many preparations made for her arrival. 4,425 more words

Irish Twins: Surviving Raising Them

As my daughter Jenny’s birthday is fast approaching, I am thinking about her and my son John – and how about how close they were as kids growing up. 763 more words

Irish Twins

Two Under Two, Or How My Sons Are Plotting to Kill Me

That’s right. My babies — who are 12 months, two weeks, and one day apart — are trying to off me, Stewie-style. I’ve suspected this pretty much from the day the two met in the hospital. 752 more words

Mixed Bag: Random Thoughts From A Mom's Perspective

Signing the pre-nup... With a third party!

We left the last post at Soph and I deciding to try and conceive at the same time. Cam is totally on board with our decision and is ready to commit to us and our wild ideas.  1,695 more words