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Pigs Can Fly 🐷

My two big sisters were Irish twins — born ten months apart.  They had the most awesome bedrooms down the basement of our little red-brick bungalow in Walden.  1,474 more words

2 Under 2, It Takes A Village by Blakely Giordano

“Twins?” The man graciously holding the elevator for me, two kids in tow, asks.

I have a series of answers prepared for this oh-so-common question. 543 more words


Are we ENOUGH ? 

Our days are filled with therapy, docotors apts, traveling, teaching, studying aches, pains and complains, repetition and diaper changes…..many many MANY diaper changes.

Everyday, I try to focus on a to-do list and a skill that Theodore and now Oliver need to learn. 694 more words

Mom's lets be honest

OMG the crying, the colic, the spit ups (more like a drunking frat boy on a Saturday night vomiting) the multiple diaper changes, the frequent doctor visits, the sleepless nights, the nice Victoria’s Secret bras you would never wear again in fear of ruining them from your leaky boobs, a clean house, a trip to bathroom alone, but last but not least your sanity. 312 more words

That Brilliant Bond

The day I discovered I was pregnant second time round, I felt immediate doubt. It’s not that we didn’t want you, the timing just didn’t seem to fit. 942 more words

Titles, Pain and Special Needs

Recently we were discussing Theodore with our team of doctors and they brought up the TITLE …..SPECIAL NEEDS.

I shook my head, complied, and we all continued discussing the matter at hand. 1,047 more words

Jesus loves you. 

We(my brother, myself and my 3 children) drove home to Pennsylvania on Tuesday. My aunt who is only 3 years older than me and her 2 children also came home. 396 more words