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super mommy.

Man, we have been so busy lately I feel like I need an extra 6 hours just to get every day completed.  I have nearly forgotten what it’s like to relax.  677 more words


Baby Tailgates | Tips for Bringing Children to Sporting Events | By Lauren Cop

Fall is a wonderful time for changing leaves, everything pumpkin and football – lots and lots of football. You may feel like you can’t bring your kids (especially toddlers and babies) to these events or won’t have fun. 1,449 more words

Orange You Lovely

Motherhood: It's Not Always Warm & Fuzzy Cuddles: This Mama had a "First" Today that She would like to Forget

This morning was a crazier morning than normal.  I’m now 35 weeks pregnant with our third baby.  All I want to do is eat, move around without struggling and sleep.  2,559 more words

Sleep Schedule

I feel like I get asked a lot of questions  about the boys sleep schedule and how I went about it, so I thought I would post what worked for our family. 419 more words

Stay At Home Mom

You Know How Children Are Made, Right? Irish Twins | The Beginning | by LaurenCop

Irish twins? Are those siblings with red hair? Have Irish backgrounds? Born on the same day? These are siblings who blessed their mothers by being born within a year of each other. 1,996 more words

Domestic Living: Home & Life

A Series of Ridiculous Events

It’s 7:48 am. I was awoken to my 1 year old, Bobby, wanting to nurse, yet again, at about 5:00. He is getting two molars and has had allergy symptoms for the last week due to smokey air (many forest fires in the area). 1,294 more words

Parenting And Kids

You Say My Hands are Full

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be the 1st one to admit that my life these days is crazy. From 6am until 10pm, it’s a whirlwind. There’s no time to moan about everything that needs doing and how little time I have to do it all in. 1,206 more words