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My Body and 2 Babies

Today I started to try on pre-pregnancy pants…..That was not smart!

It involved a lot of sighing, frustration, fear, sweating and maybe a few tears. Then I collected my crazy and talked myself out of these feelings. 472 more words

Myrtle Memories

Recently, my little family and I went to Myrtle Beach, SC. I was nervous about the 12 hour car ride, but honestly the girls were actually pretty good considering. 303 more words


Getting ready for Baby Miller #2 has been anything BUT whimsical. Part of the reason why I have been MIA.

After vacation and Theodore’s first birthday we all came home to North Carolina and hit the ground running. 496 more words

Pregnant with Irish Twins?

Everything you’ve heard about having back to back pregnancies is most likely true! Just 2 months after I had Jacob I was pregnant again and had my sweet Sarah just one month shy of Jacob’s first birthday! 172 more words



Hello everyone!

I just wanted to come on here to formally introduce myself. My name is Amanda Rae and I am the mother of these 2 beautiful little girls.Their names are Avery Jade and Riley Jo, hence the inspiration for my blog name. 114 more words

We Are Caravaners..

For as long as I remember we have always had a caravan. We’ve had two static caravans, a touring caravan and a VW Campervan..the VW was obviously the most awesome, Tweety Pie we called her due to the yellowy/orange colour. 732 more words


Why "Colored Rice and Jello?"

One Monday afternoon I was laying down on my bedroom floor with a fidgety toddler.

Why was I on the floor with him? Why in MY bedroom? 489 more words