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Date night with the hubby

So last night we went out for dinner. Something that doesn’t happen often enough. As I try to blow out my hair I an contending with terror 1 and terror 2. 129 more words

watching what we say

Welcome back! This is my life with Irish Twins. Now what I say in my blog can pertain to ANYONE with kids. Whether they are your kids, your sister’s kids, your neighbor’s kids, kids at the playground or even just kids at Walmart. 298 more words

2 Year Old

Boy OH Boy


Yes, you understood me correctly…..

Our family is growing by One.

Come the beginning of September we are expecting another BOY! 618 more words

Welcome to my life with Irish Twins

Irish Twins. Ever heard of them? Most people haven’t and the people who do are rare. The conversation starters usually sound like.

“Oh, how cute. They’re twins” 298 more words

2 Year Old

The Age of Curiosity

This year is a big one for me. It’s my GOLDEN BIRTHDAY! Which means I turned 24 on the 24th. But not only that, it was my first birthday with kids.  522 more words

Bosen Family

My Irish Twins

I was sick and drugs weren’t just working. I felt awful especially because I had to tend to my 3 months old Lisa.  I went to the hospital again and I was asked to do a pregnancy test. 508 more words

Coping With Two..

As you can probably tell, life with two babies is manic. Plus i’ve recently fell into that mummy trap of “who am i? do i have a life beyond my two kids?, shit i love them but i’m bored”.. 1,141 more words