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Morning Logistics.

Baby answers cooing bird on vine
Copper and bronze ignite the sea

House yawns in preparation for the day
Boards sings the song of naked feet… 85 more words

Irish Writer

Paraic O'Donnell - The Maker of Swans

Of roses, swans and the ordering of fine things in great rooms……….

Paraic O’Donnell’s strange, seductive, immersive Gothic literary creation had me pretty well hooked from the off. 872 more words


Of flowers in rows

Must I know the soul of each flower
To appreciate its scent and power.

Do I need know them all row by row
And the magic by which they grow… 49 more words

Irish Writer

Gifts across the void

I imagine you are scared.
Just as we were.
I left you a gift.
A list of items here to find,
these emblems of our… 228 more words

Irish Writer

Sympony of wind

Icy flush on pale cheeks
Eyes glisten in the storm

Freckles blessed by streams
Glowing to the force and power

Blowing sharp from ice deserts… 33 more words

Irish Writer

Old Dog

You still lay beside his chair.
Head on paws and patient stare
Waiting for the lad in vain
Until your death you will remain.
Eyes once bright now stare blind… 112 more words

Irish Writer

Dear Sir

I wonder now if you were ever laid on a loving knee  
Or if such a knee ever was 
or indeed could ever be,

Did the frayed fibres of a worn out bear ever ease your mind and care.  306 more words

Irish Writer