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Procrastination, Chocolate Biscuits and Being a Perfectionist (Day 48)

Today I’m feeling sluggish and unmotivated.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely tonnes of stuff I could or should be doing, but I really don’t feel like doing any of it! 477 more words


Work and Play on my Holiday (Day 47)

Upon discovering this morning that my previous blog-post contained a heinous typo (where I somehow called Tom Hanks – Tom Cruise even though in my head the screen said Hanks) I decided to write today’s daily scribble in the morning for once. 264 more words


One Lucky Girl (Day 45)

I’m a really lucky person.  There are many many reasons why that is true, but for this daily scribble I’m going to focus on just one. 528 more words


Wish List/Gratitude List (Day 43)

I wish I lived in my own home and could wake early and have the house to myself while my husband slumbered peacefully on, making my morning tea in a silent kitchen and writing in my journal at the table. 461 more words


A Crappy Day (Day 41)

If ever there was a time when I didn’t feel like writing another daily scribble, this has to be it.

Hand on heart, it’s been a fairly shitty day from start to finish; I could feel it from the moment I woke up that a drastic case of PMS was lurking in the shadows, waiting to pounce.  338 more words


We are Family.... Come on Everybody and Sing(Day 40)

Today it’s time to introduce just a few of the sweethearts I work with daily because frankly, they won’t stop pestering me to do it ever since I wrote about… 721 more words


Daily Nerdy Scribbles (Day 39)

Today’s post is definitely going to be short and sweet – I’m pooped once again.

It seems like I talk about being tired a lot lately but then again I’m a waitress in a busy restaurant… might have something to do with it. 259 more words