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Cocaine - Journey In Peru

Early one morning I got a call from a family member in Ireland. ‘Don’t accept any packages from strangers!’ Alarm bells had been set off by the antics of two teenage girls (one Irish, one Scottish) who’d been arrested the day before in Lima airport whilst in possession of a hefty amount of cocaine. 681 more words


Carefree By Degrees - Journey In Peru

Oh to live this life completely carefree. That would be a joy. In this world however, caution is required and my experience as a woman has taught me to be especially cautious. 846 more words


Colm Toibin--"Sleep" (New Yorker, March 23, 2015)

SOUNDTRACK: YES-Tormato (1978).

Tormato might be Yes’ most hated album (I think people grudgingly respect Topographic, but they hate Tormato).  I mean the cover is weird and, well, weird.  1,443 more words

Short Story

A walk around Limerick's boardwalk.

Brightening up the river with their white plumage, the swans are very much part of the Shannon as it flows through Limerick on its way to the wild Atlantic. 113 more words


SHORT STORY: LOVE IS BLIND (written in 2013)

A week after their 40th wedding anniversary, Ivan and Rose Jenkins were sitting in their back garden. It was a beautiful warm summer’s afternoon. She was reading a book and he, in his shades, was deeply thinking of times gone by… 570 more words

Short Fiction

she left of a sunday

She left of a Sunday

Hello is there anyone there

Up here paddy

Is Mary about

No she went out.


Make yourself a cup of tea, 358 more words


Keith Ridgway--Never Love a Gambler (2001) [New Directions Pearl, 2014]

SOUNDTRACK: DakhaBrakha-Tiny Desk Concert #435 (April 25, 2015).

DakhaBrakha are a band from Kiev, Ukraine.  There are four members, one man (unsure how he is dressed because he plays the accordion which covers his body) and three women.  868 more words

Short Story