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POKEMON GO!! I'm addicted (o;

So, it’s been a while since I blogged about, well… anything. I have been writing here and there among other things such as work and blah, blah, blah…. 480 more words


The last push

Cool evening creeps
in huffs and puffs of dancing dust.
Dry season starves the plains of green.
-Gold gleams,
luminous under the grey of winter skies. 149 more words


Wet days

on water days the ditch runs dry
diamonds become dirt
dissolve in the desert
of a sand filled mouth

on whiskey weekends
I wear the weight… 12 more words


Wind on her face

Discord between sky and earth
cacophony over grass and sea,
the cry of wind from the land side.
She cocks her shell like ear
to hear the words of war… 85 more words


brine and brimstone

wing westward gregarious gull.
against wild gusts of wind
trace the strong scent of sea salt
to its ancient arcane source

fly far from home of field and fen… 43 more words


North Wind -Snow Plough- Saw-

BLOW Blow blowwoww…..
North wind.
Chase the cobwebs
from the crosshairs

Your route of air
and straight lines
is instinctive,
wise, reflective.

You cannot bend your song. 194 more words



dove rises
the expanse
of grey morning sky.

a promise
of gentle

The robins
blood red

snow capped
winter woven
in her sad song. 7 more words