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The Seanachie

We Irish have a tradition of story telling that dates back beyond Christian times to the Celtic story tellers. The Seanachie (The man at the fire) … 141 more words

Irish Writer

A Dream of Horses

A dream of horses.

A sympony in movement
Power and gentleness combined
Caught in perfect clarity
As I chase behind

As the mares cross the narrow river… 77 more words

Irish Writer

For Adam

For Adam.

 Born in the shadow of a Ghost

Living in the shade of a perfect child

Do you wonder why he is sullen

Are you surprised that he is wild… 226 more words

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The Master

Our school had just three rooms and two teachers in 1968. About fifty pupils, in eight classes between two teachers.

It was one of those long tall system built schools that used to be dotted all around the country, the kind that had cloakrooms for boys on one end and for girls on the other least the male and female garments might mingle and get up to some mischief during classes. 703 more words

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The Woods

Some things become lost and can never be recovered.

I drive past a stretch of woodland when I venture as far as our nearest neighbouring town. 940 more words

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Michael and Katie

Way back in the late 60s and early 70s a lovely old couple lived in our village. They were very much the remnants of a much earlier time when big estate houses and absentee landowners were the big employers. 630 more words

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Saga of a Family

Saga of a family



Late summer, drone of bumble bee

Still air hangs sullen and heavily

On grey slabs your names are etched

Blood of blood. 225 more words

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