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My Conscience and Snapchat (Day 111)

Well, that’s Summer 2018 done and dusted, all two days of it.  Ha ha, twas short but fabulous.

You know, Snapchat got updated a couple months ago and apparently it bugged the crap out of everyone (bar me who doesn’t actually have a Snapchat account) and there was more uproar over it than there was over the gun laws in the United States. 382 more words

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Lost in the World of Fiction (Day 110)

I’ve had a great day but I feel weird and out of sorts.

Why?  Because I’ve spent the past four hours reading an excellent but highly depressing novel! 448 more words

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Summer Sun (Day 109)

I put this off til late and now I’m tired and I just want to go to bed already.

Lazy Lizzie.

It seems that summer is currently paying us a visit in Cork with a predicted heat-wave to hit us this weekend (bear in mind that a heat-wave in Ireland is when you hang your laundry out to dry and it’s done that same afternoon). 273 more words

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Happy Fox and Vegetarian Sushi (Day 108)

It’s 11.20 pm as I begin today’s scribble.  Today has been a good day, a real good day and that’s kind of funny because it started off crap. 408 more words

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Smelly car, sore muscles and the holiday count-down begins... (Day 107)

Another day, another scribble.

The car still stinks even though we’e tried several tricks including scrubbing with soap and covering it in baking soda.  I think the milk spilled in the gap beside the handbrake, i.e. 286 more words

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Bem vindo a Portugal! (Day 106)

It’s official!  I’m going on holidays in June: WHOOP WHOOP!

I’m off to the soft sunny sands of southern Portugal, the stunning Algarve coast.

And I can’t wait. 400 more words

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James Joyce - Poems from 'Chamber Music': The twilight turns from amethyst to deep and deeper blue...

These days I have been reading James Joyce’s collection of poems “Chamber Music”, first published in May 1907. I love the dreamy mood of the poems and the beautiful images they evoke in my imagination so I decided to share some of my favourites with you on this lovely April day, accompanied by some pretty photos. 254 more words