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Six Million Dollar Boys...

This particular story was particularly enjoyable to write.

Growing up in the seventies as I did, I still have memories of an overcrowded car where we alternated our positions on the backseat to kneeling-sitting-kneeling (there were only six of us then), and we still managed to go pick my grandmother up to take us all to the beach. 304 more words

Irish Writer

Book release...

Matty Monroe in Paradise has just been published on Kindle.

This is a collection of seven short stories, many of which I’ve been putting together over the last year or two.   325 more words

An Easter Wind

in the maze of morning
light congeals
like crystal cuckoo spit

eyes blink
slick with sugared sand
a nursling of mine nestles
in sweet straw asleep… 80 more words


All-Hallows Eve


Drunk on
autumn’s grape
and pear

October flourishes
a careless brush

Spatters blood
across a naked

And scatters debris
at her feet… 186 more words


A Goodnight Poem

Across the lake of Pasithea,
On the last breathe before sleep-
I spy a dark shadow nymph,
to take me to a fettered deep. 73 more words



She told me
in dolce voice
of  jungle folks
that peel bananas
with their toes. 118 more words



Selma appeared again today,
like a Spring immigrant
seeking shelter in my frozen arms.

The years tumbled down
a gyroscope of
might have beens.

*** 240 more words